Top Tips for Moving with Kids

Top Tips for Moving with Kids

Top Tips for Moving with Kids

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Moving can be an overwhelming experience, and adding kids into the mix only heightens stress levels. Whether you’re worried about them adjusting to a new home or interfering with your moving day processes, moving with kids can take a lot out of you. Luckily, we have some ways to make your moving day with kids just a tad bit easier. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we’re always looking for ways to make your life easier through the home-buying or selling process. Our seasoned experts offer valuable insight into the moving process, helping you make the process as stress-free as possible with your little ones. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for homeowners moving with kids. 

Top Tips for Moving with Kids

Get them Excited about their New Home

At first, you may find your children are not excited about moving homes. Whether that be because they’ll miss their old bedroom or neighborhood friends, your kids have every right to be against the idea of moving. As a parent, your job is to get your children excited about moving to somewhere new. You could bring them to your new neighborhood and show them the nearest playground. Or, you allow them to take complete control of decorating their new room. Little gestures like these could completely change your child’s attitude about moving and excite them about their new home. 

Ask them to Lend a Helping Hand

Getting your kids involved on moving day is always a good idea. Not only will it give your child a sense of importance, but it will also occupy their attention while you deal with your movers on moving day. Moving with kids is much easier when you get them involved in the move.Depending on their age and capabilities, children can be a huge help on moving day. Younger kids may help pack up boxes or clean up messes, while older children could run little errands, manage to-do lists, or watch after their younger siblings on moving day. Working as a team will make your move-in much easier, trust us! 

 Arrange Childcare if Needed

Though your kids might want to lend helping hands, they might be too young to do so. If this is the case, they will need childcare on moving day. Even if you have older children who could look after their younger siblings, there might be times when that won’t suffice. For really young kids, the best rule of thumb is to arrange childcare far in advance. Doing so will put your parental mind at ease and allow you to focus entirely on the moving process. 

Introduce Your Kids to the Movers

Kids are programmed to be weary of strangers. That said, you’ll need to find ways to make them feel comfortable when your professional movers visit. On moving day, take the time to introduce your kids to the movers and make them feel at ease. This small gesture will make a massive difference in your kid’s moving experience.

Let them say Goodbye 

Moving can be an emotional experience, especially for young children. If you have the time, let your kids have a moment with your old home before they say goodbye. Moving with kids is easier when you allow them to say goodbye to their home and get closure.This house will likely be where your kids formed all their first memories, and they’ll probably have an emotional tether to it. Allowing your children to gain closure with your old home will make the transition easier for them and prepare them for your next chapter as a family. 

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