Benefits of Living in a Townhouse

Benefits of Living in a Townhouse

Benefits of Living in a Townhouse

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate are grateful to serve you in the buying of your next property, and we go the extra mile to make sure our clients know all of their options before making a decision as life-changing as this one. We are grateful to provide insight into the advantages of living in a townhouse! 

A townhouse is a multi-story home that shares at least one wall with an adjacent property. A home like this has its own entrance and possibly its own basement, driveway, garage, and/or yard. These homes are generally a part of a homeowners’ association.

Today’s residential real estate market is hot! Opening your eyes to the various options of home types will allow you to find the home that checks off all of your boxes. Our agents are ready to serve you in the selling of your home or the buying of one in the top sought-after markets.

Benefits of Living in a Townhouse

Lower Purchase Price and Better Value For Money

Buying a townhouse can be less expensive than a detached home. When compared with neighborhoods of similar features, you will find that townhomes are relatively inexpensive. One of the reasons behind the relatively inexpensive cost compared to a stand-alone house is because the townhouse is built off the one beside it, sharing a wall.  

You do not have to pay astonishing property taxes when living in a townhouse due to a smaller lot size, and homeowners’ association fees tend to be lower as well. Townhouse owners, just like conventional house owners, own the piece of land that the house is built on!Benefits of a Townhouse From Mark Spain Real Estate

Homeowners’ Association Benefits

In most communities, townhouse owners will have to abide by the rules and regulations enforced by the HOA, but they are designed with the residents’ best interest at heart! These rules are established in order to ensure that the properties are maintained in a cohesive way and maintenance burdens are eased. However, in comparison to condos, townhouse owners have more bandwidth to make decisions about the interior and exterior of their homes.

HOA property maintenance covers many components of the living experience including, maintaining the common areas in the community as well as separate interests such as units’ roofs, gutters, awnings, decks, paint jobs, sidings, landscaping, sidewalks, and driveways.


Townhouses tend to come with many appealing amenities. For example, a pool and fitness center are never too far away. Also, townhouse communities may have safe trails and sidewalks for walking, playgrounds, dog parks, tennis courts, and even BBQ pits. Picnic tables and clubhouses, if available, can be rented to entertain guests for all kinds of events from birthday parties to summer cook-outs!

The homeowners’ association takes care of the maintenance of these open spaces so that you and your neighbors can enjoy them to your satisfaction. 

Beyond these amenities is also the convenience of utilities such as pest control, trash services, and HVAC inspections. Prices for these services vary based on the homeowners’ associations, but they are worth every penny so that you can enjoy everything else the neighborhood has to offer!

Less Maintenance Outside and Inside

While having a beautiful lawn no matter the size is a goal for most homeowners, it can be a lot easier said than done to keep up with the maintenance. Luckily, the homeowners’ association that a townhouse belongs to usually takes this responsibility off your hands and uses a small portion of the monthly fee to hire a professional lawn care service to maintain the lawns of the neighborhood. Landscaping is a breeze when you don’t have to worry about mowing your lawn and ridding it of weeds every weekend, especially in the hot summer!

As far as maintenance of the inside of a townhouse goes, they generally require less maintenance than a conventional home because the HOA takes care of the majority of the labor, as mentioned above!

Sense of Community and Safety

Benefits of a Townhouse From Mark Spain Real Estate

An indisputable advantage of living in a townhouse is the sense of community that comes with it. Due to having shared walls and small spaces between units, you are likely to run into residents quite frequently and will learn their names and their stories soon enough. You might even become best friends with your new neighbors! 

When it comes to safety, you can count on someone to always be nearby in case of an emergency. Not to mention, the sidewalks and roads are well-lit.  Also, there is no need to rely on fences and security systems as those do in traditional homes. While not all townhouses have this feature, most have a security gate with a personalized pin or remote to enter the community.

Good Location

In real estate, location is key and often a priority for buyers. Townhouses are often located in dense and convenient locations near popular establishments, dining, and shopping. They can be within walking distance to schools and parks and can fit virtually anyone’s lifestyle needs, childless or otherwise.

Townhouses are growing in popularity for all age groups, and we encourage you to explore townhouse communities in your desired market!

We would be grateful to serve you in the buying process of your next home and seamlessly get you to the next chapter of your life! We understand that every client has different needs, at Mark Spain Real Estate we provide options to reach your goals. Visit our website to learn more!

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