The Training Process and Benefits We Reap

The Training Process and Benefits We Reap

The Training Process and Benefits We Reap

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, you can feel confident kick-starting your business with our top-of-the-line real estate training and mentorship! We see the importance of ongoing training, no matter what stage you are at in your career. Our people come first and through our culture of excellence and drive to deliver unparalleled experiences, we have remained the most trusted name in the industry with the most knowledgeable agents and employees! Pouring into our team ensures our clients are in the best hands possible! 

Additionally, to learn more about how Mark Spain Real Estate can serve you in reaching your real estate goals, visit our website! We would be grateful to serve you in selling and buying your next home! 

Training at Mark Spain Real Estate

The Training Process and Benefits we Reap

When we onboard a new hire at Mark Spain Real Estate, we go through the new agent journey training and development process. A path that we have laid out for new team members, providing week by week the training and activities that will be completed. This gives everyone a clear understanding of the benefits that will be reaped and the opportunity to learn and grow continuously. We want to ensure you have the tools necessary to provide an unparalleled client experience and be the best you can be! Your goals as an agent and as an individual are important to us as a brokerage! 

After the initial four-week onboarding process our agents are ready to tackle their first clients and deliver an unparalleled client experience! Following this, our agents are constantly backed by shadowing opportunities, completing continual education, and one on one time with leaders. Throughout the entire new hire process, our employees will undergo training sessions, where they get hands-on experience and mentorship from their team. We strive to provide differential training and informational sessions including coaching, intuitive podcasts, daily huddles, and progress meetings. Our team is dedicated to ensuring everyone is obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge throughout the training process in order to set you up to exceed your career goals!

Each quarter, Mark Spain leads an all-company meeting where he and top leaders announce the progress, top wins,  accomplishments, and future goals as a company! This meeting is exciting while also heavily influential. You will learn the top tips for becoming successful in the real estate industry and your personal life from our founder! Additionally, John Makarewicz, our President, and CEO leads a monthly president’s huddle with the company. You will also learn and grow from this meeting as you learn more about what it means to be a member at Mark Spain Real Estate! You will come out of these meetings on fire with eagerness and excitement to grow! 


The Training Process and Benefits we Reap

The benefits received when going through the training process at Mark Spain Real Estate are unmatched by any other brokerage. We understand what tools are necessary and will provide our agents and employees with the most exclusive knowledge to provide clients with an unparalleled experience. It is a continuous process that is backed by a supportive and motivated team. Pushing you to be your best and become focused on serving others at the highest level! As an agent at Mark Spain Real Estate, you will receive benefits like booked appointments, a client acquisition team, and great vendor relationships. You have a team on your side, who wants to see you succeed! 

We are proud to offer multiple selling options so you can find your clients the best fit in order to reach their real estate goals, like our Guaranteed Offer Program, so you can ensure maximum exposure! These tools allow us to remain the number one brokerage in the residential real estate industry!

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful for the markets we serve and the culture of excellence we promote within our workplace. We strive to deliver a seamless sale experience whether it may be selling or buying your future home! If you are interested in joining our team of talented professionals, please visit our careers page! We would be honored to help you reach your goals and provide unmatched training about the residential real estate market!

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