Training for the Client Experience

Training for the Client Experience

Training for the Client Experience

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our top priority continues to be an unparalleled client experience. In order to consistently deliver on this promise, we lead our agents through a rigorous training program. This program equips them with the knowledge and skills to navigate every phase of the home selling process with ease. We wanted to let you in on just what makes our training department unique. We sat down for a quick interview with our training leaders for an inside scoop on how we train our agents to consistently deliver an unparalleled client experience. 

What about our training methods sets us apart?

“We teach agents how to implement concepts to reach the client’s goals. We don’t just present content,” explains Sales Trainer, Austin Brown. At Mark Spain Real Estate we want our agents to deliver an unparalleled client experience, so we teach them how to master their craft in a way that will allow them to succeed in our high volume business. The most common feedback we hear from agents who successfully complete our training is, ‘Wow, I have never had this level of support and help.’

What is the value of having an in-house training department?Training for the client experience

“At Mark Spain Real Estate we believe learners are leaders. Having an in-house training department directly reflects the high value we place on continual learning and professional development,” says Brown.

Agents who are confident in their role have the drive to go the extra mile for the client experience. Our training leaders coach to an agent’s specific role while integrating best practices so that every Mark Spain agent delivers the same standard of excellence in every client interaction. “We believe that this in-house department allows our agents to continue to grow, setting us apart from the industry status-quo,” explains Brown.

How does our training teach agents to delight the client experience?

It starts with our people. “We select the most driven and knowledgeable talent of the industry,” says Brown. Through our development of the art of sales, our training department tees up every one of our agents to grow a network of clients who become raving fans of their aptitude and attitude throughout the home buying or selling journey. 

Brandi Bryant, our Talent Development Specialist chimes in, “We are here to help agents build confidence so they can go out and begin their careers learning from what decades of industry success have afforded Mark Spain.” Our new agents are launching their real estate careers much further downfield than most because they are learning from the obstacles Mark has already faced and overcome in his career. This is part of the legacy of our organization.

Brown explains that it typically takes 10-15 years to build a business source. “When our agents implement our training—with precision and dedication—they can develop that kind of business in 3 years.” Our Athens director, John Boyzo, is a prime example. Boyzo implemented our training and invested time into self-improvement strategies. Because of this, he experienced monumental business growth and mastered serving his clients at a high level.

How has the training department grown since it first started? What are you looking forward to as it continues to grow?Training for the client expereince

“We have tried several methods of training since our beginning, some more effective than others. It is only natural that the department has evolved over time into the effective and efficient model we have today.” Brown further explains how condensing our content has helped our agents to become more organized and focused. As a result, our agents are winning in the business at a faster rate than ever before. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we love to see our people win. We believe the continued growth of our training department is making that possible on a larger scale. 

“We are really excited to continue the development of our online training platform to make it more efficient.” Director of Training, James Sasson, shares. Brandi Bryant’s background in educational development is allowing us to build more scalable material. As we continue to grow, we can bring agents up to speed faster in a more effective manner, allowing them to master serving their clients.

What is the biggest opportunity the training department has achieved?

“Our team has increased in size and overcome past bandwidth limitations. By tripling in size, we are now able to travel to our regional offices with greater ease and frequency. Because of this, we can offer more education to more agents more frequently.” Director of Training James Sasson went on to share that the marriage of industry experience and educational training within the department is proving to increase agent retention, heighten the integration of technological advancements, and offer comprehensive programs and explanations to our agents throughout the region. The department has found a balance of expertise and increased capacity that allows our agents to serve thousands of families.

Defining Success

Our training department is committed to continuous improvement and lifelong learning. We leverage our people and technology to provide premier real estate training to our agents. When our agents are at their best, the client experience is at it’s best.

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