Ultimate Guide for Downsizing Your Home

Ultimate Guide for Downsizing Your Home

Ultimate Guide for Downsizing Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Whether you’re a recent empty nester or retiree, there are many situations where you might consider downsizing your home. However, this decision should not be taken lightly, as downsizing is a lot of work. So, if you’ve realized you have more space than you need, you’ll need to prepare yourself for what the downsizing process entails. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we want you to achieve your real estate goals. If you’re considering moving into a smaller space, we’re here to offer our industry expertise on all things downsizing. From decluttering tips to moving arrangements, we’ll help you cover all your bases! Below, our industry experts have compiled the ultimate guide for downsizing your home. Check it out!

Ultimate Guide for Downsizing Your Home

Adjust Your Budget

Many people downsize because they’re tired of dealing with the expensive upkeep of a large home. Generally, when you move into a smaller space, you’ll see a change in many of your monthly home ownership costs like utility bills, insurance, or HOA fees. 

To adjust your budget accordingly, take some time to reflect on your financial responsibilities for your current home, including both monthly and yearly expenses. Then, determine what your finances will look like after you move. If you are moving into a rental, you’ll need to account for your rent payment and renters insurance. If you are buying another home, you’ll need to pay attention to the changes in your mortgage payment, homeowners insurance premiums, property taxes, and HOA fees. 

Looking at your pre- and post-home expenses will give you insight into how to reallocate your budget when downsizing. This can also help when estimating moving costs, as you’ll be able to determine ways to financially recover once you’re in a smaller, lower-maintenance space. 

Declutter Your Space

One thing that is almost guaranteed to happen throughout the downsizing process is decluttering. Yes, it sounds dreadful and headache-inducing, but decluttering is the best way to properly organize your belongings before moving. One of the best tips for downsizing your home is to declutter your space.Remember, you’re moving into a smaller space where you likely won’t be able to store such a high volume of stuff! That said, try to filter through your stuff and give some items away if possible. You don’t want unnecessary clutter following you to your next home, especially if it’s considerably smaller than your last. 

Measure Your Furniture

Speaking of things you don’t want following you to your next home – bulky furniture! While larger pieces of furniture might have fit seamlessly into your last house, the same might not be true for your next. Before loading up all your furniture on your moving truck, make sure to measure each piece as well as measure the space in your new home. Comparing your current furniture with your next home’s room-size dimensions will determine which pieces can stay and which can go. More than likely, you’ll have to give away or sell some pieces that won’t fit! 

Consider Storage Options

Once you have your furniture measurements in order, you’ll want to consider storage options. Does your new home have adequate storage space to keep all of your belongings? If not, we recommend reverting back to step two and doing some more decluttering or looking for creative ways to store your stuff. Whether that be a storage bench in your entryway or hanging up shelves in your garage, storing your stuff in a smaller space is totally doable if you have the right resources on hand! 

Take Your Time

Last but not least, make sure to take your time as you’re downsizing your home. One of the best tips for downsizing your home is to take your time.This process should never have to be urgent. Instead, you should downsize at your own pace, even if that means taking just one room at a time. Ultimately, downsizing can be a bit overwhelming, especially if the size difference between homes is drastic. So, we recommend taking your time and enlisting some help from friends or family to ensure your downsizing experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

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