How To Understand Your Client’s Goals

How To Understand Your Client’s Goals

How To Understand Your Client’s Goals

By Mark Spain Real Estate

In the real estate industry, being able to understand your client’s goals from the beginning is imperative.  When you ask the important questions, in the beginning, you will reveal all of your client’s wants and needs to reduce miscommunication and missed opportunities in the future.

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we make sure to prioritize understanding our clients’ goals so that we can ensure that they are confident that their Exclusive Listing agent will guide them through a successful transaction. For us, it is important to put our client first and the transaction second. Continue reading to learn how to understand your client’s goals!

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How to Understand Your Client’s Goals

Interview Your Client

Our agent tries to understand her clients real estate goals by actively listening.

When you go on the first listing appointment, make sure to ask your client specific questions to truly understand your client’s needs and goals of selling their home. Take notes of key things that they mention. This will be great to look back on as you continue down the selling process, but will also show the client that you are truly listening. 

It is important to circle back to the points that they have made to make sure that you clearly understand the intention behind their words. This also allows for you to build off of each request of theirs. You are the selling expert, they may not know exactly what they want, so you need to ask the questions to guide them into revealing their expectations.

With this information, it is important to create a client profile or some sort of documentation so that you can easily go back and refresh yourself throughout the process. We find it important for our agents to go over all of their takeaways with their clients throughout the process. We find this effective as it is common for clients to change their minds often. Also, ask them about their family, lifestyle, and what they expect in a realtor. This will give you insight into who they are and what they are looking for in an agent!

Actively Listen

It is important to take in everything your client is sharing with you in order to understand your client’s goals. If you have questions while the client is talking, write them down so you can continue listening but also keep your train of thought.

In order to be an active listener, it is important to get rid of any distractions. Although business is important to you, when you are with a client, it is best to silence your phone. Being present with your client will not only help you understand your client’s goals, but it will also help build trust between the two of you. Building a relationship with your client will help knock down some walls and reveal more of what is on their mind which can help you understand their goals better!

Be Transparent

Being transparent and open with your client will result in them doing the same. Transparency is important in real estate as it is a big financial decision. Honesty will build trust between you and your client which will help build your relationship. When you form a relationship with your client, they are more likely to be open with you about all of their wants, needs, and concerns. Understand Your Client's Needs 3

It is important to continuously educate them rather than wait for them to ask questions. This will help show your client that you have their best interest at heart and you are there to serve them regardless of any circumstance. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we focus on being transparent and keeping our clients educated so that they can have a seamless experience and we can begin to understand our client’s goals!

Remaining Open in Communication

The real estate industry is ever-evolving. It is important to remain open in communication and always be in touch with your client. To understand your client’s goals, it goes beyond just listening but also taking action. Whether it is a quick call, text, or email, your client will be able to remain in the know and keep you updated on their thoughts and feelings throughout the process. To understand your client’s golas and take action upon them is accomplished by placing their needs above your own!

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you understand your client’s goals so that you can provide them with an unparalleled client experience. At Mark Spain Real Estate, relationships are an important part of our success. Through active listening and transparency, you can achieve that long-term trust!

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