Our Core Values: Constantly Grow and Improve

Our Core Values: Constantly Grow and Improve

Our Core Values: Constantly Grow and Improve

By Mark Spain Real Estate

One of the core values at Mark Spain Real Estate is to constantly grow and improve. Because we are relentless in the pursuit of self-development, our team strives to perform at the highest level possible. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we strive to consistently learn so we can deliver an unparalleled client experience. We do this by keeping an open mind and engaging in various pieces of training, podcasts, and extensive opportunities outside of our comfort zones. 

We prioritize investing in our agents by providing them with extensive education and training. The specialization and implementation of education, training and hard work have resulted in over 41,000 satisfied clients for Mark Spain Real Estate, with over $8.75 billion in lifetime sales by 2022. Mark Spain Real Estate values relationships over transactions. That’s why serving our clients in reaching their goals is our #1 priority!

Our Core Values: Growing and Improving


Growing and improving throughout the company ensures that we are on the right track to excellence! The company is honored to continue hiring and expanding to new communities! While we are proud to expand and add new team members from new areas,, some new team members have not had the chance to get to know everyone. To familiarize everyone with each other, the collaborative and hands-on training not only strengthens knowledge but also relationships. 

We are grateful our company provides our team members with a full-time training department, including a career and life coach to help them grow in their careers and achieve their goals.

By providing agents with opportunities such as year-round training, mentorship, and support to benefit performance throughout their careers, we can ensure that our clients are also receiving an unparalleled client experience.

Our agents undergo four weeks of in-depth onboarding with our in-house training department, followed by shadowing experienced agents and directors, role-playing, and appointment preparation.

Also, our Director of Sales offers office hours and Zoom training meetings weekly. The training that prepares our agents to be the best they can be is unmatched, as we keep team member growth at the heart of the company’s development.

How Mark Spain Real Estate Cultivates a Supportive and Fun Culture

Our agents strive for a culture of excellence; we work hard and want all team members to reach their goals, both big and small. Our office is highly collaborative, motivating and supportive because our agents lead with intention. 

The culture we foster comes from carrying out our core values of constant team member growth, leading with a servant’s heart, remaining client-focused, and doing everything with excellence.

We are grateful to receive feedback from our satisfied clients, and a common theme from them is that having a team who cares and guides them through the process of selling or buying a home makes all the difference.

Most recently, we expanded to serve the Florida real estate market in Tampa and Orlando! We are grateful for the opportunity to serve new areas and aim to provide an unparalleled client experience! By constantly growing and improving, we are able to expand into new areas and better serve our clients! 

We strive to excel in reaching all of our client’s real estate goals in the buying and selling processes while delivering an unparalleled client experience. At Mark Spain Real Estate we lead with a servant’s heart and put our clients first in all that we do. Growing and improving constantly allows us to provide a better experience to our clients! 

We are proud to be the most trusted name in residential real estate. 

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