Virtual Home Tours On The Rise

Virtual Home Tours On The Rise

Virtual Home Tours On The Rise

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As COVID-19 has continued to affect the world, technology is only making it easier to connect with others. In real estate, technology has become vital to support the industry. Now more than ever, virtual home tours are on the rise to sell a home, and they may be here to stay.

Virtual home tours are offered by Mark Spain Real Estate during these unprecedented times!

Technology Paves the Way Amidst a Crisis

Most buyers need to see a home and picture themselves in the home prior to making an offer. With the COVID-19 pandemic, most brokerages have paused in-person showings or incorporated more stringent precautions. This has required real estate professionals to find alternative solutions to serve clients. Due to advances in technology, Mark Spain Real Estate is able to continue to help clients reach their goals conveniently and safely.

Virtual Home Tours

With social distancing orders in place, the option to tour a home virtually is available instead of in-person home showings. A virtual home tour involves the use of special 3D technology to facilitate a digital walk-through experience for interested buyers. By converting a home into a 3D model, the potential buyer has the opportunity to view the home as if they were in it personally. Virtual home tours are revolutionizing real estate.

For virtual home tours to be successful, the exploration of the home has to be controlled by the viewer. A slide show of moving pictures is not as effective. Mark Spain Real Estate provides clients a virtual tour that simulates the experience of them touring the home in person.

With the success of virtual home tours throughout this time, it is likely they are here to stay even as the pandemic passes.

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