4 Ways to Save Money on Home-Selling Renovations

4 Ways to Save Money on Home-Selling Renovations

4 Ways to Save Money on Home-Selling Renovations

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When it comes to selling your home, renovations should always be at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re taking on an extensive home makeover or just a few minor upgrades, making aesthetic adjustments to your home can make or break a quick sale. However, these home renovations do not come without a price.

Home renovations can be a costly feat. However, optimizing your home for its next owner will ultimately increase its long-term value and help you land your dream offer. By partnering up with the trusted experts at Mark Spain Real Estate, you can decide on necessary upgrades and set your listing up for success. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 4 ways to make home-selling renovations without breaking the bank. 

Money Saving Home Renovations

Establish A Budget

The first step to any home renovation is setting a budget. Whether it’s a complete kitchen overhaul or something as simple as replacing door knobs, no renovation project should go without a concrete budget. 

As you create your budget, do your proper research to avoid any costly surprises. A good rule of thumb is to rank your home-selling renovations based on priority. Then, break down every line item, including materials, appliances, labor, and any other expenses that may pertain to your home renovations.

Once you’ve added up your estimates to create a rough budget, add an extra 10-15% as a cushion. With home renovations, especially older fixer-uppers, you should plan for potential unexpected overspends. 

Do Home Renovations Yourself

Home renovations

When it comes to renovating your home, never underestimate yourself. While particular renovations like electrical work, demolitions, and plumbing require a professional, you can make many home improvements on your own — or with the help of some family or friends. And by taking some matters into your own hands, you could save big on renovation costs and still sell your home for the best price.

Whether you consider yourself handy or not, projects like painting walls, installing backsplash, or refinishing floors and furniture are all practical DIY tasks. You can utilize plentiful online resources to learn effective DIY techniques and stay within your renovation budget. 

Make Updates, Not Replacements

When selling your home, your first thought may be to replace your home’s most significant fixtures entirely. However, there are many ways to refresh your space without having to buy expensive new materials. Rather than replacing appliances and fixtures right off the bat, consider ways to update existing pieces. 

If you’re considering redoing your kitchen, there are many ways to improve fixtures instead of replacing them. For example, repainting or refurbishing kitchen cabinets or wooden floors can make them look good as new. With suitable materials and an eye for aesthetics, you can revamp your space without outsourcing expensive, new materials. 

Strategize Your Splurges

While splurging and budgeting don’t exactly go hand in hand, certain home renovations are worth the splurge. When considering highly-used parts of your home, like doorknobs, faucets, and cupboard handles, you’ll want to prioritize high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. Luckily, if you’ve set aside some cushion money in your renovation budget, you should be able to strategically splurge without breaking the bank.

When it comes to splurging, it’s essential to stay focused. Stop splurging after taking care of practical household necessities. Though you may be tempted to install a luxurious jacuzzi tub or chef-grade stove top, save your splurging for functional items that will make prospective buyers’ lives easier once they move in. 

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