Our Client Experience: Buying a Home with the #1 Team

Our Client Experience: Buying a Home with the #1 Team

Our Client Experience: Buying a Home with the #1 Team

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The real estate market is on fire and it has never been more important to work with a real estate team that prioritizes serving their clients in reaching their goals! Homes are selling quicker than ever and, oftentimes, for over asking price. We know how challenging buying a home has been. Rest assured, Mark Spain Real Estate is equipped with all the tools necessary to streamline your home-buying process.

We are grateful to be the #1 most reviewed real estate company on Zillow in the US, having served over 25,000 satisfied clients. You can confidently trust Mark Spain Real Estate to serve you in reaching all of your real estate goals! We promise to remain client-focused by making your goals our goals and by going the extra mile to ensure your experience is unparalleled.

After selling his home using Mark Spain Real Estate’s Market Listing program, Jasper decided to continue working with us in search of his dream home! We make buying a home easy and are grateful to have a large inventory of sellers and a team dedicated to serving their clients. Because of this, Jasper was able to find the home that perfectly suited his needs!

Selling and Buying a Home with Mark Spain Real Estate

Jasper and his family were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby girl! Because of this exciting new addition, Jasper realized they would soon become overly compromised on space and wanted to begin the selling process. After seeing a Mark Spain Real Estate billboard on his way home from work, he decided to reach out and see if we could serve him throughout the sale of his home and the search for his new home. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we make buying a home easy.

Once Jasper met with our knowledgeable and experienced Exclusive Listing Consultant he was presented with all of the selling programs we offer. He was wanting to work with a team that valued their clients and would go above and beyond to ensure the maximum return on investment possible.

Because we have over 25 years of industry experience and lead with a servant’s heart, Jasper decided to trust Mark Spain Real Estate! Our Market Listing program was an excellent option for Jasper, as it ensures that our clients’ homes are marketed to the largest potential audience, resulting in a maximization of their return on investment. This was the perfect opportunity for Jasper and his family to begin transitioning into this new chapter. 

Jasper was able to successfully sell his home and was now ready to begin taking steps towards finding his dream home. He was satisfied with his selling experience and he recognized the hard work that our team puts into serving our clients. Jasper was excited to be represented by one of our Exclusive Buyer Consultants throughout the buying process. The market has been tough for buyers, but luckily for Jasper, we have a huge inventory of sellers. Because of this, Jasper’s chances of finding his new home were extremely high!

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we make buying a home easy.The Best Experience to Buy A Home

Jasper’s buying experience was unparalleled. He remained in constant communication with our team and closed on his new home quickly! Not only was this home the perfect fit for Jasper and his growing family, but it was brand new! Jasper was extremely grateful that he had put his trust in Mark Spain Real Estate. 

When we asked about his home buying experience with Mark Spain Real Estate, Jasper shared,

“Mark Spain Real Estate has been amazing. They have provided us with weekly check-ins while we waited to close on the sale of our home. Our Exclusive Buyer Consultant kept us up to date with new listings and homes that were no longer on the market. Definitely the best team I’ve had to work with in terms of communication and follow-ups. I will be using Mark Spain Real Estate again in the future”

About Buying a Home with Mark Spain Real Estate

When buying a home, we connect you with our knowledgeable and experienced Exclusive Buyer Consultants. They are extremely valuable to our team, as they work tirelessly towards serving their clients in finding their dream home! We promise to remain client-focused and engage in constant communication, so we can make the buying process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Begin the first step of your home buying journey and check out the thousands of listings we currently have on the market!

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