What is My Home Worth?

What is My Home Worth?

What is My Home Worth?

By Mark Spain Real Estate

If you’re in the market to sell a home, chances are you would like to know what to expect from the process before diving right in. One of the essential aspects of the home selling process is knowing your home worth. Knowing your home’s value is a surefire way to keep your expectations realistic, learn how to navigate your options, and potentially make a game plan to maximize your earning potential. Yet, determining the value of a home is not as simple as it sounds.

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to answering, “What is my home worth?” Additionally, some may want home appraisals for a wide range of reasons before selling. Luckily, there are some ways to determine your home value before committing to a final asking price. The experts of Mark Spain Real Estate want you to have all the knowledge you need to thrive as a seller. Below, find some ways to determine your home value. 

What is My Home Worth

Know What You Can (And Cannot) Change

First things first: assessing everything that will influence your home worth will give you plenty of insight into navigating the pre-selling process. The pre-selling process is often full of twists and turns, and many home-sellers become discouraged and frustrated trying to influence factors that can’t be controlled. So let’s define what you can change, and what you can’t change:

What You Can Change
  • The condition of your home: a home with little to no structural issues will inherently appraise better. An upgraded home will add to your home worth
  • Upgrades and features: homes possessing upgraded, modern, or otherwise timeless features and technologies will typically appraise for higher.
What You Cannot Change
  • Market conditions: whether it is a seller’s or buyer’s market, this can influence your home’s value due to supply and demand. 
  • Location: A home’s desirability depends not only on its features and upgrades, but also on its location and neighboring properties. 

Looking into what may influence your home worth can help you determine what decisions you need to make to meet your real estate needs. Whether you’re selling just to move on or making strategic moves to ensure you get the best price out of your home sale, taking these things into account can help you envision a realistic path. 

Talk To a Real Estate Agent

If you want to cut to the chase and commit to selling your home, the right real estate agent can help. Online evaluation tools may help by providing a rough estimate on your home worth, but real estate agents can help walk you through your options and provide a nuanced glance at your home’s valuation. Talk to a real estate agent to determine your home worth

Whether you have urgent needs to sell your home fast or just want to explore your selling options at your own pace, an experienced real estate professional can guide you through your options. 

Determine Your Home Worth with Mark Spain Real Estate

Ready to sell a home for what it’s truly worth? The experts at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to help you reach your unique real estate goals. Our industry experience and insider knowledge of market conditions can help you determine your home worth, so you can embark on the selling process with utmost peace of mind. And if you’re looking to receive a cash offer in no time, check out our Guaranteed Offer Program. You may be eligible to receive a competitive cash offer on your home in only 21 days.

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