What Makes a Home Sell Faster?

What Makes a Home Sell Faster?

What Makes a Home Sell Faster?

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling a home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re in a time crunch. Whether you’re starting a new job, pursuing an education, or maybe just ready to start the next chapter of your life, sometimes you may wish you could sell your home with just the snap of a finger. 

With decades of industry experience, the team of Expert Listing Consultants at Mark Spain Real Estate has the best home-selling strategies. By partnering with one of our trusted agents, you can maximize your home’s exposure to the largest pool of prospective buyers. If you’re looking to sell your home and begin your next chapter, we’re here to help! Read below to learn more about the best ways to make your home sell faster. 

5 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster

Attractive Home Staging

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions are everything. And if your home looks cluttered and poorly designed, you can expect buyers to walk straight back out the door. So, cleaning your space and decorating it is crucial before holding showings, open houses, or photoshoots for your home’s online listing. 

Sell your home faster with attractive home staging

Home staging requires sellers to put themselves in the buyer’s shoes. Once you’ve organized and rearranged your space, ask yourself if the space looks welcoming, attractive, and, most importantly, clean. To optimize your home’s cleanliness, don’t stop at swept floors and organized pantries. Now is the time to get down to the nitty-gritty, from dusting ceiling fans to scrubbing tile grout. Everything should be squeaky clean for your home’s future tenants!

Once you’re done cleaning, it’s time to get creative! When staging your home, find new ways to position your furniture and decor. From swapping out aged pieces to sprucing up your outdoor space, accentuate your home’s best features that will leave a lasting impression in buyers’ minds. And if you second guess your eye for interior design, you can always consult a professional for a fresh look at your space. 

Competitive Listing Price

One of the most vital components of a quick sale is your listing price. However, finding your perfect asking price can be a difficult decision. If you ask for too much, buyers may not even give your listing a chance. But if your price is too low, you may leave with insufficient offers. 

Our general rule of thumb is to price your house to sell. Setting a realistic and competitive asking price can streamline your sale and avoid the lengthy negotiating process. With help from an experienced realtor like Mark Spain Real Estate, you can find a balance between accommodating buyers’ budgets and making a good profit on your sale. Our team conducts comparative market analysis to provide a real-time snapshot of market conditions and find the best listing price for your home. 

Strong Curb Appeal

Like your interior design, your home’s exterior makes a lasting impression on buyers. Your home’s curb appeal represents your home’s outdoor aesthetic and how it fits into its surrounding neighborhood. Because this is the first thing your buyers will see upon arrival, you must optimize your curb appeal to sell your home fast. 

Whether it’s a freshly painted front door, newly planted flowers, or pressure-washed walkways, there are several ways you can boost your curb appeal and catch a buyer’s eye. The key is to keep your home looking welcoming and well-maintained, as this will attract buyers and show the market that you’ve cared for your home throughout your tenancy. 

Home Renovations And Repairs

If you have the time and the budget, renovations and repairs are another excellent way to attract more buyers. If certain parts of your home are outdated and unattractive, you may want to consider making some upgrades rather than placing the burden on your home’s future tenants. If buyers sense your home requires remodeling, they’ll likely deduct this from their offer price.

home renovations

Along with renovations, you should handle any quick repairs before putting your home on display. From loose tiles and door knobs to scratched paint and leaky faucets, you may need to make minor repairs before putting your home on the market. Luckily, many of these simple repairs are not very costly and can usually be taken care of without enlisting a professional. 

Experienced Listing Agents

Last but not least, the best tactic to sell your home is to hire a trusted real estate professional. The ideal listing agent will use exclusive industry intel to streamline your sale and land you the offer of a lifetime. Helping you navigate the home-selling process, a high-caliber real estate agent will help you set a listing price, stage your home for showing, make decisions on offers, and ultimately negotiate the best deal for your sale. When it comes to optimizing your sale, help from a professional will help you reach your real estate goals stress-free! 

Sell Your Home with Mark Spain Real Estate

Are you ready to put your home on the market? The experts at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to help set your listing up for success. With exclusive insights into some of the most popular markets, our team of trusted agents will streamline your sale hassle-free! And with our Guaranteed Offer Program, you can receive an offer on your home in only 21 days. Contact our agents today!

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