When is the Best Time to Sell a Home?

When is the Best Time to Sell a Home?

When is the Best Time to Sell a Home?

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When you’re planning to sell a home, there’s a lot of strategizing involved in ensuring optimal selling conditions. From making sure your home is the epitome of cleanliness to determining whether investing in your home’s facade will speed up the selling process, the decisions never end. There is another crucial factor that comes into play when optimizing your home-selling strategy: timeliness. Determining the best time to sell a home can make or break your real estate goals. 

There’s a lot that goes into the home-selling process. Keeping track of when the perfect time to sell a home can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are a first-time home seller. Luckily, the expert listing consultants at Mark Spain Real Estate have the knowledge necessary to help you determine the optimal time to sell your home. Read on for tell-tale signs that it’s the best time to sell a home in your market. 

When is the Best Time to Sell a Home?

Track Seasonal Trends

When it comes to the real estate market, warmer weather inspires buyers to find their dream homes. The busiest months in real estate are typically spring and summer, so a home seller wanting optimal profit will list between late March and early September. 

Spring and Summer

From emerging summer breaks to extra funds, hopeful homebuyers view spring and summer as optimal times to explore their market options. The warmer months are typically the best time nationwide to sell a home if your conditions and circumstances allow it. Buyers from far and wide might even overlook heightened interest rates to ensure they score a summer or spring abode. 

Fall and Winter

During the colder months, the school year is in full swing, and the holiday season looms around the corner. Therefore, folks who ache for a new home may delay their search until they recover from holiday and school-related expenses. However, home sellers in the Southeast may surprisingly see more traffic from home buyers coming from out-of-state, seeking refuge from harsh northern and midwestern weather. Sell a home in the winter

If you are seeking a quick sale process in the fall or winter and you cannot wait, not all is doom and gloom. You can still take steps to maximize your profits during the colder months of the year, even if you may experience less foot traffic on your home. Whether it’s lowering your asking price in hopes of many offers or upgrading features to make your home undeniably attractive, the fall and winter still present ample opportunities for a successful home sale.

Remain Vigilant of Market Conditions

Although seasonal trends are solid evidence of a home’s likeliness to sell, they aren’t the only factor. Checking in with local experts on what the market conditions around you look like can inform your home-selling strategies. You can also identify a buyer’s or a seller’s market by examining the amount of time that nearby homes remain on the market. Use these trends as key indicators to help influence your decision and timing.

Asking the Right Questions

All the right conditions can be lined up for you: it could be a seller’s market during the summer, and you could have buyers lining up to see your home. However, the right market and seasonal conditions don’t mean that you are ready to sell your home. You should ask yourself some crucial questions to determine whether it’s the best time to sell a home:White brick home with great landscaping and for sale sign.

  • Does your home need significant repairs to ensure good offers?
  • What is the reason you’re selling your home?
  • Do you want to maximize profits or move on as quickly as possible?
  • If you’re moving onto new horizons, will your home’s sale generate enough profit for you to become a buyer?
Sell a Home with Mark Spain Real Estate

A lot goes into determining the best time to sell a home. Luckily, the knowledgeable agents at Mark Spain Real Estate are ready to help you determine if it’s the right time to sell. Our years of experience in critical real estate markets across the Southeast grants us the knowledge to help home sellers with a wide range of goals. And if you want to sell your home ASAP, check out our Guaranteed Offer Program to receive a competitive cash offer on your home in just 21 days.

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