Why We Choose VoicePad

Why We Choose VoicePad

Why We Choose VoicePad

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate ensures maximum exposure for the sale of your home with tools like VoicePad. We connect with interested buyers in real-time to not miss an opportunity because we understand the importance of a seamless experience. That’s why Mark Spain Real Estate invests in the most innovative technology, like VoicePad, to effectively source buyers for your home.

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About VoicePad

VoicePad is the real estate industry’s most powerful buyer-generating mobile technology. This 24-7 service captures the contact information of every potential buyer who inquires about your home. Because of this, Mark Spain Real Estate is able to follow up with all potential buyers after they inquire in 22 seconds or less!

In a market where not providing a buyer the information they desire quick enough means missing a sale, the app is able to provide property information to the prospective buyer instantly by call, text or mobile web. By effectively eliminating the need for flyer boxes, VoicePad introduces a new, modern, way for gathering information.


How It Works

Mark Spain Real Estate places phone numbers on top of each For Sale Sign. These connect buyers to your home’s information through VoicePad’s technology. Additionally, after they inquire, their information is sent to our Client Acquisition Team. The Client Acquisition Team will then follow up with each prospective buyer of your home.

VoicePad is a simple yet extremely effective way for sourcing buyers. In fact, over half of Mark Spain Real Estate buyer leads come from VoicePad inquiries.

Mark Spain Real Estate invests heavily in the latest innovations to deliver an unparalleled client experience. Looking to sell your home? We have the tools to serve you!

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