Why We Partner With Weissman

Why We Partner With Weissman

Why We Partner With Weissman

By Mark Spain Real Estate

From their attentiveness to their devotion to their clients, there are endless reasons why we partner with Weissman! There are times when real estate transactions can be complicated and stressful. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we strive to deliver an unparalleled client experience coupled with a seamless transaction. From contract to closing, we are able to deliver these high standards with the help of Weissman. They have been a trusted partner of ours for many years! They are our preferred closing attorney and provide us with a wide range of services. 


Who Is Weissman Law?

Weissman has become one of Atlanta’s top law firms since opening 25 years ago! They consistently deliver innovative and practical legal solutions. They are also recognized for their extensive litigation and real estate practices. They remain client-focused and are determined to guide each client through even the most complex legal situations. Their team of real estate attorneys has the expertise and knowledge on issues specific to agents and brokerages, as well as all areas of real estate law.


Why We Partner With Weissman

There are countless reasons why we partner with Weissman. Firstly, they are the best in the business. Seth Weissman, the founding partner, has served as the general counsel of Georgia REALTORS® for the last 25 years, so there is no doubt that their attorneys are the most familiar with and highly educated on real estate practice. They are also great communicators with rapid response times. From contract to closing, they are able to solve any problem that may arise. Even if they aren’t the attorney handling the file or transaction, they are readily available to help and answer our questions.

Weissman is also easy to conduct business with. They eliminate the stress associated with complicated closing processes. Their offices are also conveniently located all across Atlanta, giving easy accessibility to our clients.

Most importantly, Weissman’s core values align with ours! They want to deliver the same unparalleled client experience that we strive to deliver. Weissman ensures our clients are protected while delivering the best possible closing experience that is efficient and smooth. In addition to their dedication to every client, Weissman also aligns with our core value of having a servant’s heart for their community.

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