Why Winter is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

Why Winter is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

Why Winter is a Good Time to Sell Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Winter is not always the first season you think of when wanting to sell your home, but we’re here to change that. There is a general hesitation around listing during the cooler months of December through March, but statistics paint us a different picture: the time it takes for homes to go under contract and the price of homes that sell at higher than the asking price does not vary much from month to month.

Many people fear listing their home in the winter months, but there are tons of reasons why it’s actually a great idea! From motivated buyers to lower inventory to ease of decorating, this blog highlights the top 7 reasons why winter is a good time to sell your home:

See why winter is a good time to sell!

1. Homebuyers in January and February are motivated.

Buyers mean business in the cooler months. People who are looking to move in the winter usually need to move and aren’t just looking around for fun possibilities for the future. They have to relocate for a job, have a lease that is ending, or just sold their current home. These winter buyers are serious about moving as soon as possible.

2. There is less inventory in the winter, so your house is bound to get more attention.

Many people are fearful of listing in the winter months because of low traffic, snow and ice, etc. But, many buyers are willing to let go of some of their ‘must-haves’ when there are less homes on the market. Realtors have less homes to choose from when creating a list of possible new homes for their clients. Your house is much more likely to be shown during the winter based on statistics alone.

3. With lower inventory you can get away with listing at a higher price.

We’re not telling you to go crazy, but listing your house at a higher price is conceivable in the winter months when there just isn’t much on the market. Without recent comps or other homes to compare to in your neighborhood, listing at a higher price isn’t far fetched. Your price also leaves plenty of room for negotiations later on.

4. Your realtor is more available.

When there are fewer properties on the market, your realtor is going to be more available to you. He or she will have more time and energy to devote to you during this extremely important step in your life. If you wait to list until spring, you will have a lot more competition for your realtor’s time.

5. Job relocations happen in January. When companies relocate employees, they usually do it during Q1.

This means that families are relocating during the bare winter months, and they are moving fast! These families usually only have 3 months to find a home and move in.

6. It’s easier to decorate during the holidays.

Our “How to Decorate for the Holidays When Selling Your Home” blog showcases some essential holiday decorating, but don’t forget about Valentine’s Day and early spring decor! It’s easy to decorate and stage your home when you have a starting point. Utilizing late winter or early spring themes can help you get a jump start on your decorating. lights and winter

7. When the skies are gray in the middle of winter, you can easily make your home warm and light.

Make sure you add lights to as many rooms as possible and paint your walls light, neutral colors to show off the warmth and brightness of your home. Light candles and leave overhead lights on during the day as well. During the winter months, things can feel cool and look gray outside, but this makes it easier to show off the warmth of your home!

There are many reasons to list your home this winter! So, don’t let the cold months be the reason you push off selling your home. Get a jump start on selling your home when you have your Realtor’s full attention and your home is a hot commodity. What better way to start off the new year than moving into a fresh space?

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