Alpharetta, Georgia

Alpharetta, Georgia is a large city in the northern portion of Fulton County. In 2010, it was reported that this city is home to a little more than 57,000 people.

The Alpharetta housing market is diverse, with plenty of options for home buyers to choose from, including condos, townhomes & luxury single-family homes.

Living in Alpharetta Homes

These Alpharetta homes for sale embody southern charm and a touch of class. From terrific starter homes to elegant luxury estates, there’s something for every desire in this community.

Many of these homes feature traditional and European architectural designs and flavors, open-concept interiors, split-level layouts, commanding porches, and brick facades. One of the best qualities about living in Alpharetta is the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Dense, mature trees separate many of the lots, adding beauty and a sense of privacy to each property.

There are tons of different communities to choose from in Alpharetta real estate. You’ll find nearly every type of community you could desire, including: country clubs, homeowners associations, and luxury communities.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, hassle-free residence, be sure to check out private subdivisions like the Palisades. This full-service neighborhood provides exclusive features such as lawn care, a pool, tennis courts, and a nearby walking trail, all of which are funded by HOA fees.

The History of Alpharetta, GA

The history for Alpharetta really isn’t that different from the other cities of Georgia. It was once land that was home to Cherokee Indians. In the early 1830’s, these Indians were forcibly removed from the land and sent to the Indian Territory, known today as Oklahoma. The New Prospect Camp Ground (more commonly referred to as the Methodist Camp Group) is one of the first notable landmarks of this city. This landmark is right beside a natural spring which is part of the downtown area of the city. There was a time in history where the landmark served as a trading post for the city.

Alpharetta, GA Demographics

There are a little over 13,000 households within this large city. Statistics show that nearly 40 percent of the households are home to one (or several) children under the age of 18. Roughly 54 percent of the households are home to a married couple as well.

The majority of the population is between the age of 18 and 30. The median age for this city is 33 years old.

Alpharetta Community Attractions

There are lots of fun attractions to see and events to attend within this city.

The Alpharetta Family Skate Center

This skate center is more commonly known by the locals as simply The Cooler. The Cooler is home to the special needs hockey team of Atlanta called the Atlanta Sparks.

The Scarecrow Harvest

Every year during the first Saturday in October, The Scarecrow Harvest takes place downtown. The will be music playing and hundreds of scarecrows lined up along the streets downtown.

These are just a few of the many attractions, events, and features this amazing city has to offer.

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