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Fort McPherson Real Estate

Looking to buy or sell a home in Fort McPherson, Georgia? See our Fort McPherson listings below! Formerly a military base, Fort McPherson is a community with a unique history dating back to 1885. Once the headquarters for many divisions of the U.S. Army, this 487 acres of land has been undergoing a renaissance as it transitions into a booming community near the Atlanta metropolitan area. Many have their eyes on this up-and-coming neighborhood because of its potential. The population of Fort McPherson is currently around 28,664.

Neighboring the popular neighborhoods of East Point, College Park, and West End, Fort McPherson rests comfortably towards the south of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Currently, the average income for a household in Fort McPherson is 34,398.

Fort McPherson Real Estate

Fort McPherson is a relatively “new” area in Atlanta, despite its age. As a developing community in Atlanta, real estate opportunities are at their peak. With so many eyes on this growing neighborhood, Fort McPherson is likely to become one of the top new areas near Atlanta. However, before you make any decisions, you should consult the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate to make sure you improve your chances of a great deal and make the right moves when contributing to this blossoming neighborhood.

Buy a Home In Fort McPherson

Looking to buy a home in Fort McPherson? You’re in luck. As a burgeoning community, the opportunities for development in the area are endless. The committees that have mapped out the growth of Fort McPherson are seeing their once military neighborhood turn into a place where people can live, prosper, and enjoy their community. Home to one of the busiest movie studios in the United States, For McPherson is already seeing a substantial change from its humble beginnings. Some of the benefits of living in Fort McPherson include:

  • ArtAtlanta
  • Tyler Perry Studios
  • Lakewood-Fort McPherson MARTA Station
  • Proximity to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Opportunities for establishing small businesses

Sell a Home In Fort McPherson

Looking to sell a home in Fort McPherson? You have to seize great opportunities. Because of its opportunities for growth, many hopeful buyers are looking to buy a home in Fort McPherson. Therefore, you might receive an offer on your home quicker than usual. To sell your home in Fort McPherson, it is a great idea to make functional and aesthetic improvements to your home. Additionally, since Fort McPherson is a new neighborhood, listing your home at the right price is crucial. If you list your home too high or too low, you may lose on incredible offers. Talk with the specialists at Mark Spain Real Estate and we can make sure you sell your home fast, and for the highest price possible.

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Skip the stress typically associated with buying or selling a home in Fort McPherson by working with the experienced team of Mark Spain Real Estate. Our team of Expert Listing Consultants can help you achieve your real estate goals by offering unique insight. And if you’re looking to sell your home quickly, consider our Guaranteed Offer program to obtain a cash offer and sell your home in as little as 21 days, hassle-free.

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