Bartow County

Bartow County, Georgia

Bartow County is a very large county near Atlanta.  The county is 470 square miles and has a population of just over 100,000 people. Due to Bartow’s low population density, it is wide open for development and offers great views of the natural landscapes and surroundings. This wide open area is a great place with many hiking and walking trails which give the residents and visitors the ability to enjoy the outdoors.

Bartow County offers seven incorporated cities and ten unincorporated communities in the county. The cities of the county include Cartersville, Emerson, Adairsville, Euharlee, White, Kingston and Taylorsville. Bartow County is full of great single family homes of various sizes for the first time homeowner or for someone looking for a forever home. Find your new home today.

Many of the residents of Bartow County are part of the middle-income class of families. The average income per household in Bartow County is $43,660, with families having an average income of $49,198. With a population with this level of income, many of the homes in Bartow are modest in size. In addition to modest size, land is also reasonably priced for the area. This makes it easy for families to live in Bartow County but work in Atlanta or its surrounding cities. This gives residents the best of both worlds by allowing them a wide variety of opportunities found in a large city as well as the lifestyle of country living in Bartow County.

Bartow County Recreation

With growth opportunities, a completely rebuilt county and a wide range of choices for homes, Bartow County offers a great deal of enjoyment for everyone who chooses to live in the area. The landscape of Bartow County offers views of mountains, lakes and streams as well as plenty of history to be enjoyed. Bartow County residents can also find themselves in Atlanta on a weekend for a night on the town. The opportunities for business, great living, and easy access to so much around the area make Bartow County one of the best places to live near Atlanta.

Bartow County History

Originally called Cass County after General Lewis Cass who was the Secretary of War under President Andrew Jackson, Bartow County was established in 1832. The renaming took place in 1861 in honor of Francis S. Bartow. The first county seat was in Cassville, but as with much of the South, Bartow County was sacked by General Sherman during what was known as the Sherman Occupation. After this event, the county seat was moved to Cartersville where it is still located today.

The county also underwent some major issues when General George Henry Thomas, General William J. Hardee, and General James B. McPherson all brought their forces through the county. The troops disrupted towns and homes throughout the area taking everything in sight. This left the county in turmoil and social and economic distress for many decades to come.

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