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Paulding County homes offer every amenity or option a family may desire. Firstly, Paulding County offers fantastic opportunities for business. Secondly, Paulding a great place to raise a family. Thirdly, Dallas, Georgia is the county seat, which is a great place to enjoy time living and working. To sum it up, this area is quiet, serene, friendly, and a wonderful place to call home.

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Located in the northwestern Georgia, Paulding gives its residents a taste of the more suburban lifestyle and of the urban lifestyle from close by Atlanta. Dallas, Hiram, and Braswell are the three major incorporated cities located in Paulding. Additionally, New Hope, Yorkville, New Georgia, Nebo, Roxana, and Bentwater, are the six unincorporated towns.. Paulding County is full of opportunity for growth, expansion, and improvement for any lifestyle.


Originally created from Cherokee County by an act of the Georgia General Assembly in 1832, Paulding County has changed shape and size many times. Paulding County is named after John Paulding who is famous for the capture of the British spy Major John Andre in 1780 during the American Revolution.

There is rich history in Paulding County with four locations registered on the National Register of Historic Places. For example, there is the Fannin-Cooper Farm, the Hiram Colored School, Pickett’s Mill Battlefield Site, and most notably, the Paulding County Courthouse in Dallas.


What else makes Paulding a great place to live? Covered in miles awesome trails and acres parks, Paulding is perfect for the outdoor types. The county additionally carries a wide range of economic opportunities for its residents to succeed. This county is only a short distance from Atlanta, therefore, it is easy to see growth from Paulding into the greater Atlanta area. In conclusion, those who work in Atlanta can easily live in Paulding and commute into the city.


Paulding County has one of the highest rated school systems in the State of Georgia for residents. They focus on furthering education with a very high graduation rate among students. As a result, the students of Paulding County are able to take full advantage of resources they might need in order to attend higher education.

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