Our Client Experience: Trusting Our Team

Our Client Experience: Trusting Our Team

Our Client Experience: Trusting Our Team

By Mark Spain Real Estate

After serving the real estate industry for over 25 years, Mark Spain Real Estate has become the most trusted name in residential real estate. We accomplish this by upholding an excellent client experience! Earlier this year, Michael and his wife decided it was time to say goodbye to his childhood home in Marietta, Georgia. He was looking for a simple sale with a company he could trust and Mark Spain Real Estate delivered!

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Michael and his wife were more than happy with their experience and selling with us

Michael’s Client Experience

Michael decided it was time sell his childhood home. He knew he needed to choose a trustworthy real estate team, so he called Mark Spain Real Estate. It was an emotional decision to sell because his mother was still living at the time, but in a nursing home. The house went under contract soon after she passed away. Our agent supported Michael and his wife during their tough loss. She ensured to take care of anything Michael needed to get this sale completed. At the closing appointment, the buyer’s agent could not attend in person so Michael signed in advance, but our agent still went to closing to make sure everything went well. After a successful closing, this client’s wife referred Mark Spain Real Estate to her work associate and our agent helped him purchase his first home last month!

When asked about his time with Mark Spain Real Estate Michael shared, “My agent from Mark Spain Real Estate was a real pleasure to work with. She was incredibly professional and very knowledgeable regarding the real estate market in my area. Her follow up is just the right amount, never overboard. She gets an A+ from my family!”

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