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A historic Atlanta neighborhood, Cabbagetown used to be the home of a cotton mill and the Fulton Bag. It’s an intown neighborhood and was originally created as a surrounding mill town.

Cabbagetown used to house many of those working in the factory and the mill. However, the neighborhood went through a decline from the 1970s to the 1990s. It started to benefit from some redevelopment efforts in the late 1990s and many Atlantans started to move back into the neighborhood.


The neighborhood is found east of the downtown area. It’s bordered by the Georgia railroad tracks, Oakland Cemetery, Pearl Street, Memorial Drive and Boulevard Street. It’s found south of Inman Park, west of Reynoldstown and to the north of Grant Park.

Cabbagetown only covers about a six-block area with short streets. It’s made up of mainly small commercial areas, lofts and single-family homes. The homes are on smaller lots and the area provides a very intimate feel.

Real Estate

The homes in the Cabbagetown area are mainly craftsman style and bungalows. Some Victorian homes are also found within the area. Most of the homes are mid-sized, but some are quite small, as well.

Along with the single-family homes, the Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts are found here. This community is the largest loft community in the country ad provides homes for many musicians, artists and business professionals.

Street Art

Cabbagetown is also known for the street art. The Krog Street Tunnel is one of the largest displays of street art. This tunnel connects Inman Park with Cabbagetown and provides plenty of graffiti, tags and street art.

Along with the street art, the neighborhood also holds the Chomp and Stomp Festival, a Bluegrass festival and a Chili festival every year.

Overall, the neighborhood of Cabbagetown is an artsy community with an intimate feel.

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