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Little Five Points Real Estate

Little Five Points, which is known as Little Five, L5P or LFP is an areas found in Atlanta on the eastside. This area of the city was originally established as a commercial district in the early 1900s. It’s found close to Candler Park and Inman Park and has become more famous for the alternative culture. Many refer to it as a melting pot of sub-cultures.

The Name

The name Little Five Points refers to an area in downtown Atlanta, which is called Five Points. The “little” was added because it’s a smaller intersection than the one downtown, but still has five points to it. The north/south points are formed by Moreland Avenue and divide DeKalb and Fulton County. Euclid Avenue provides the northeast/southwest points and Seminole Avenue provides the final point.

Real Estate

The real estate found in Little Five Points is actually found mainly in Kirkwood, Inman Park, Poncey-Highland and Candler Park. There are no homes found for sale in Little Five Points, but the surrounding communities provide residential areas very close to the district.

The Commercial District

Little Five Points provides plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment options throughout. It’s a thriving commercial area with plenty of novelty shops, well established restaurants and more. The bookstores are some of the best in the city and the area is also home to music venues, theaters and eclectic shops. It’s a very colorful area with plenty of artistic talent throughout.

Little Five Points provides a home for a few great festivals and plenty of community events. The Little Five Points Halloween Festival is held every year and provides plenty of fun. Many poetry events are held regularly here and many craft shows, as well. This area is also known for the Little Five Points Halloween Parade, which includes plenty of fun with live music, bikers in costume and parade floats.

Another huge event held annually is the Little Five Fest. This is a huge music festival with more than 50 local artists performing at multiple venues.

Living near Little Five Points provides plenty of perks. This area has a lively feel and provides a number of things to do for nearby residents.

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