Reynoldstown Real Estate

Found on the east side of Atlanta, Reynoldstown is a historic neighborhood about two miles from the downtown area. This neighborhood provides plenty of conveniences and has been growing quite a bit over the past few years. It’s very attractive for empty-nesters and new families. Those looking for a short commute to downtown will enjoy the location.

Real Estate

Many of the homes found in Reynoldstown are small craftsman style cottages and bungalows. They dates back to the 1800s, but many have been renovated since. The homes attract a number of different buyers from students to single professionals to families. Some of the homes are known as shotgun houses from the early-20th century and some are ultramodern 21st century homes.

Reynoldstown is also home to some apartments, townhouses, lofts and condominiums. With a wide variety of living option and a close location to downtown, this neighborhood has become very popular for many types of buyers.

Parks and Trails

The Reynoldstown neighborhood provides plenty of trails and parks for residents to enjoy. The Atlanta BeltLine runs through the area and provides plenty of walking trails throughout. This neighborhood is also close to Inman Park, The East Side Trail, Piedmont Park and many other parks.


This neighborhood is very historic and was settled after the American Civil War. It was a railroad town for many years and thrived throughout the 1950s. When the railroad industry declined, so did the area, but it began revitalization in the 1990s. The neighborhood has since been listed at a Historic District. This happened in 2003 and it’s now found on the National Register of Historic Places.

Overall, this neighborhood is one of the most popular found near the downtown Atlanta area. There are plenty of affordable homes and it’s close to many of the top attractions.

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