Trends Homebuyers Are Looking For In 2021

Trends Homebuyers Are Looking For In 2021

Trends Homebuyers Are Looking For In 2021

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The residential real estate market is constantly changing, at Mark Spain Real Estate we have compiled the top trends homebuyers are looking for in 2021. We strive to deliver an unparalleled client experience and exceed in reaching our clients’ real estate goals! We aim to make the home buying process seamless and stress-free. 

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Trends to Keep in Mind:

Double Vanity Sinks2021 Homebuyer Trends- Double Vanity Sinks

Homebuyers in 2021 are searching for homes with maximum storage and space. Double vanity sinks enable families to share bathrooms without feeling stressed or cluttered. Children no longer race to the sink in the morning and couples no longer have to compromise on counter space. With the extra storage space that double vanity sinks provide, homeowners can finally achieve the minimalist, stress-free, and decluttered bathroom they have always desired.

Eat-In Kitchens

Quarantine taught many families to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. Cooking has become the norm again, emphasizing the need for larger kitchen spaces combined with areas to sit and eat. Bonding happens over the kitchen table after a long day of school and work. Buyers today are looking for homes with eat-in kitchens to enjoy more time with their families. Enhance your kitchen with seating around the island or a simple wooden table for your family and friends to gather around.

Laundry Room Sanctuaries2021 Homebuyer Trends- Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are found at the top of homebuyers’ lists in 2021. Transform your laundry room into a sanctuary by creating a space that is both functional and inviting. This can be achieved by adding organizational baskets, shelves, steel appliances, and farmhouse sinks. These rooms can eliminate clutter in the house and allow families to take on laundry with a smile. By adding these organizational and functional elements to your laundry room, you are creating value in the eyes of the 2021 homebuyer.

Outdoor Havens

With summer on the horizon, it is important not to forget to landscape your yard! Adding fire-pits, gazebos, gardens, or sitting areas can make your backyard come to life. Buyers are wanting to enhance their experience by hosting family and friends, and what better way to do so than by creating a space that promotes spending time outdoors. If you are looking to sell your home this summer, be sure to catch the buyers’ eyes with a special outdoor haven. After quarantine, people are more appreciative of the outdoors, along with the freedom and energy it provides. Kids can play freely, adults can work in the sunshine, and families can spend quality time in the outdoors! 

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