Choosing A Realtor You Can Trust

Choosing A Realtor You Can Trust

Choosing A Realtor You Can Trust

By Mark Spain Real Estate

It is a common misconception that realtors will be self-seeking. However, at Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents lead with a servant’s heart and place the client over the transaction each time. Choosing a realtor you can trust is easy at Mark Spain Real Estate! They will be serving you in making one of the biggest life decisions.  It is important to find someone who not only you can trust, but also has your best interest in mind throughout the journey. Continue reading to hear about some of our suggestions when it comes to finding the right fit.

Mark Spain Real Estate has been named the #1 team in the US by The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. We strive to be the most trusted name in the residential real estate industry to continue serving our clients in reaching their real estate goals. 

Three Suggestions For Choosing A Realtor You Can Trust

Referrals From Friends and FamilyAsk for referrals when choosing a realtor you can trust

When choosing a realtor you can trust, getting a referral from someone who is close to you could be very effective. These are people that know you the best and have probably caught on to some of your likes and dislikes. Along with this, they are the ones listening to you as you talk about your house-hunting or selling process. If they have had a realtor that they had a good experience, they will be able to gauge whether or not they think they will be able to help you with your wants and needs. Additionally, it is comforting when someone you know and trust recommends someone that they know and trust.

Active In The Community

Someone who is active in the community in which you are in is usually a green flag when choosing a realtor you can trust. Someone who is a leader within their community not only knows the area well, but they are also looking to make it better. As a real estate agent looking to constantly improve a community, they are going to want to help their buyers and sellers out to the best of their ability. They will also want to be known in their community as someone who is trustworthy. Because of this, they will likely be someone that you can trust has your best interests throughout your journey.

Interview AgentsInterview agents to support you in choosing a realtor you can trust

It is a great idea to interview agents when choosing a realtor you can trust. Especially in bigger areas, you might have it narrowed down to a few different agents. Until you have a conversation with them and explain everything you are looking for in your process along with what you are looking for in a realtor, it may be hard to distinguish which one would be your best fit. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we go through a long and thorough interview process to ensure each individual we are adding to our team is benefiting us and ourselves. 

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you find the right fit when making this big decision. To learn more about what we offer our clients, visit our website! We would be happy to work with you throughout your journey and help you find the perfect fit.

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