Eager Buyers During December

Eager Buyers During December

Eager Buyers During December

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Winter homebuyers are a hidden gem in December sellers’ eyes, despite this time of year not usually thought of as an ideal time to buy a home. Wintertime real estate sales are on fire despite the low temperatures, so among all of the Christmas lights, keep your “For Sale” sign in plain sight!

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is – if you are ready to find a new place to call home, we would be grateful to assist you in reaching your real estate goals! Mark Spain Real Estate is committed to providing you with an unparalleled client experience year-round. 

If you are ready to sell your home but hesitant to start the experience this month, allow us to ease your nerves and let you know more about eager buyers in December!

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Eager Buyers During December

Winter can be an overlooked time to move – things are slower and not as pressing as they can be in the spring and summer months. Therefore, it is a great time to cater to those eager December buyers who are ready to start the next phase of their lives.

Buyers who are around in December want a home, and those selling a home in December want to sell their home – what a perfect match! Here are some things you should know about eager buyers in December:

Buyers Are Motivated

December Eager BuyersWhile there tend to be more buyers looking for their next move in the spring and summer months, the buyers that reveal themselves in December are likely to be very motivated to buy a home. 

These buyers tend to be those who are moving because of a job relocation, a change in a financial situation, or a shift in family needs. No matter the circumstances, you can count on potential homebuyers this time of year to be in the right headspace to lock in that deal on your home.

Buyers are serious about finding that dream home, making them the best present that holiday season! This time of year tends to have less competition, making it an ideal time to seal the deal if you find your dream home – and with Mark Spain Real Estate, we make sure you will!

Home Buyers Have More Time Off

The winter months, especially December, have built-in days off work. Homebuyers having more time off around the holidays is an advantage that many might overlook. This extra time off allows buyers to have ample time to search and discover their perfect dream home. They will schedule more appointments with real estate agents and have time to attend more showings.

When there are fewer people buying and selling their homes during these months, and these individuals have more time on their hands, closings can be carried out much faster. All parties involved are motivated to act quickly before the end of the calendar year, and our team at Mark Spain Real Estate will carry out your needs throughout the whole season.

Keep in mind that at Mark Spain Real Estate, we know selling your home can be stressful. With a Guaranteed Offer, you can sell your home fast and receive a competitive cash offer, all while avoiding showings and open houses!

For those looking to sell their home, visit our blog to learn more about the different selling programs we offer.

Buyers Use Online Home Search

MSRE December Eager BuyersAs more information has become accessible online, home searches are conveniently able to start online. When the weather gets cold, almost all home buyers start their search for their next home from the comfort of their computers or cell phones.

Mark Spain Real Estate sees nearly a million users a year visit our website to search for homes. The online search of homes doesn’t stop during the winter, so home sellers should take advantage of this time to spruce up their online listing to attract home buyers!

Receive An Unparalleled Client Experience at Mark Spain Real Estate

While the months of winter may be quiet in other aspects, December serves as a great time for both sellers and buyers! Our team of experienced professionals is committed to putting our clients over transactions to ensure that each client is able to reach their real estate goals.

Although every home sale brings different circumstances, wintertime provides an opportunity to sell a home in favorable economic conditions for the majority of serious buyers. We understand each of our clients has different real estate goals. Because of this, we provide our clients with different selling programs to meet their real estate goals.

While buying or selling a home in the winter might seem like an unpopular choice for most, in reality, many home purchases are made during this chilly season.

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