Five Advantages When You List During the Holidays

Five Advantages When You List During the Holidays

Five Advantages When You List During the Holidays

By Mark Spain Real Estate

With the general hustle and bustle of the holidays, many would consider adding listing their home to the list to be a crazy endeavor. However, the holidays are actually an excellent time to sell your home. After serving the real estate industry for over 25 years, Mark Spain Real Estate can share that there are 5 significant advantages to list during the holidays.

More Serious Buyers When You List During the Holidays

During the holidays, prospective buyers are much more serious about finding and closing on their dream home. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our specialized buyer agents take the time to understand our clients and their motivation for purchasing. Typically, we find that buyers who are searching during the holidays are propelled by a deadline. It may be due to relocation, the approaching birth of a child or some other time-sensitive circumstances. You can expect showings and open houses in the winter months to attract more earnest buyers. Oftentimes, earnest buyers result in quicker closings. If you take advantage of the opportunity to list your home during the holidays, you can anticipate more decisive and motivated buyers coming through your doors.

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Neighborhood Appeal

Twinkling lights and homes adorned in festive decor undoubtedly show off the charm and appeal of a neighborhood. Aesthetics and festive community events allow potential buyers to envision community life during the holidays while searching for homes. Similarly to keeping a home clean for showings, it is important to maximize your neighborhood’s first impression. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in a prospective home any time of year. Take advantage of a time when your community will have its best foot forward!

Fewer Competitors When You List During the Holidays

Another perk of selling during the holidays is the reality of fewer competitors. With fewer houses on the market your house becomes highlighted during potential buyer searches. When buyers are conducting searches on sites such as Zillow, the lack of competition keeps your listing at the forefront of search results. Not only that, the holiday market is typically a seller’s market. A seller’s market indicates that buyer demand is not being met. The seasonal drop in inventory means that there are less options for buyers to choose from or not enough. The high demand makes it a great time to list your home during the holidays!

Tax Benefits

If a property is closed on or before the last day of the year, homebuyers can deduct the mortgage interest, property tax, and the interest cost of the loan. A reduced tax bill could be a very attractive motivator for potential homebuyers around the holidays. These deductions can incentivize a buyer to take action and list during the holidays instead of waiting until spring or summer.

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Relocating Buyers

The holiday period is an ideal time of the year for relocation buyers who are actively preparing or looking to move to a new state or home in another location. January is a busy month for corporate recruitment and many transfers occur. New hires and freshly promoted individuals are looking for the perfect home in a short amount of time. With the impending start date and family logistics of relocation, your house could be their next home. Not only will you have fewer competitors, but you will be dealing with motivated buyers.


It is easy to discount the holiday season as a lucrative time to sell your home, but our years of experience reveal it is actually an ideal time for buyers and sellers to connect. In fact, we see a large amount of closing volume occur when you list during the holidays, especially during December. We offer our best to our clients all year long, but there is something particularly special for our team as we help families sell, and purchase homes during the holidays.


Selling your home during the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful! Mark Spain Real Estate offers options like our Guaranteed Offer, which helps you quickly bypass the market. We have more combined real estate experience than any other team in the Southeast, let us help you sell or buy a home during the holiday season. Contact us today! Looking for more tips like these? Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram!