How a Buyer’s Agent Can Help Your Home Search

How a Buyer’s Agent Can Help Your Home Search

How a Buyer’s Agent Can Help Your Home Search

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a longtime veteran, hiring a buyer’s agent is always a good idea when house hunting. Offering their market expertise, a seasoned buyer’s agent will act in your best interest and take all necessary measures to find your dream home. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our highly motivated buyer’s agents go above and beyond to aid your home-buying journey. With decades of industry experience, we offer exclusive market insight and unparalleled client satisfaction that can’t be found anywhere else. If you’re considering hiring a buyer’s agent and want to learn more about their services, allow us to share our knowledge. Read below to discover how a buyer’s agent can help your home search. 

How a Buyer’s Agent Can Help Your Home Search

Finds Homes for Sale

A buyer’s agent’s primary responsibility is finding prospective properties that meet your needs and price range. Before beginning your search, your agent will ask several questions to gauge what kind of property you want. From there, they will narrow your search to a selection of properties they think are the right match. This is especially helpful if you’re the type to get overwhelmed by having too many options. In this case, your buyer’s agent will do all the work for you and strategically filter your search. 

Provides Market Intel

If you’re looking for homes in a market that’s new to you, a buyer’s agent will come in handy. They can provide exclusive market intel on an area, including information on local schools, neighborhoods, and zoning laws. They can also offer you access to an MLS database to give you further intel on specific properties for sale within your prospective area. 

Sets Up Tours A buyer's agent will set up home tours for you.

While you can always see photos and video tours of homes online, nothing beats seeing a property in person. A buyer’s agent helps arrange viewings with different listing agents so you can get an in-depth look at your prospective properties. Your agent will also notify you of open houses in your area and share any intel they have gained from listing agents. 

Helps Make Offers

Once you’ve found a home you want to buy, your agent will help you with the next steps. They will help you decide how much you’d like to offer for the home and what contingencies you might want to include in the purchase agreement. Then, they will submit the offer on your behalf.

Negotiates with Listing Agent

A buyer’s agent is the liaison between you and the seller once you’ve submitted an offer. They will inform you of the seller’s response and advise on how to act next. For example, if the seller counter-offers your bid, your agent will help you negotiate sales prices and contingencies until both parties are satisfied. 

Refers You to Other ProfessionalsA buyer's agent will refer you to their network of professionals for buying a home.

Last but not least, a buyer’s agent can be especially helpful in the closing process. They can get you in touch with their network of industry professionals, including home inspectors, real estate attorneys, and movers, who will also be essential assets to your closing. If you work with a reputable buyer’s agent, their referrals will likely be of the same high regard.

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