A Guide to Selling a House in Tucker, GA

A Guide to Selling a House in Tucker, GA

A Guide to Selling a House in Tucker, GA

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As one of Atlanta’s most popular suburbs, Tucker, Georgia, has earned a spot on the Peach City real estate map. With a unique blend of suburbia and city living, Tucker’s widespread appeal has sprawled throughout the Atlanta metro and other surrounding cities. 

If you want to list and sell a house in Tucker, now is the time! Given the city’s influx of newcomers, local real estate sales are at an all-time high. With help from the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate, you can seize all the opportunities Tucker real estate has to offer. Our team of professionals provides exclusive intel on the Tucker market, from design trends to selling strategies, to help you streamline your sale, hassle-free! 


Tucker Exterior Design

When looking to sell a house in Tucker, prospective sellers should refine their home’s exterior design before listing it on the market. From color palettes to landscaping details, there are many elements to consider when preparing your house for its market debut. And given the exterior is the first thing a buyer sees, your home’s curb appeal should not be overlooked. Below is a list of exterior design trends to consider before listing your home in Tucker. 


Contrasting Color Palettes

Consider stark contrasts to catch the buyer’s eye when picking your home’s color palette. Black and white color palettes are prime examples of contrasting color hues. When selecting your primary, trim, and accent colors, play with shades that will pop and stand out against neighboring homes.

Extra Texture

sell a house in tucker

Extra texture on your home’s exterior is another effective way to grab a buyer’s attention. From bronzer or copper gutters to shake-style roofing, there are many textured techniques you can implement to increase your curb appeal. 

Inviting Front Entry

A welcoming front entry instantly makes buyers feel more comfortable and helps them visualize their potential life in your home. A front porch often does the trick when creating an inviting front entry that makes buyers feel welcomed.

Tucker Interior Design

Interior design is a critical component of your home’s sale. When staging your home for showing or open houses, your interior design is an accessory to your home’s existing appeal and aesthetic. And though a buyer will add their own style and flare once the home is theirs, it’s still important to put thought into your home’s interior display. Westview Neighborhood - Best Places to Live in Atlanta

Buyers will find a variety of interior design styles throughout Tucker’s listings. Below is a short list of trending interior design elements to help sell a house in Tucker.

Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials in your interior design gives your home extra texture and dimension. From stone fireplaces to wood ceilings, natural materials add a unique flare to any space needing some outdoor elements.

Colorful Cabinets

While neutral color palettes are timeless, the use of vibrant colors can leave a lasting impression on buyers. Many homeowners are now embracing mixing countertop materials and cabinet colors to revitalize their kitchens. 

Arches and Curves

From doorways to windows, arches and curves are popular interior design choices. These stunning design elements would pique a buyer’s visual interest, as their elegant look truly makes a statement in any space. 


How to Sell a House in Tucker Fast

If you want to sell a house in Tucker, there’s no need to stress! On average, Tucker homes receive 2 offers and typically sell in just 21 days. By instilling your trust in our team of local listing agents, you can reap the benefits of Tucker real estate and sell your home fast. Using advanced marketing techniques, selling strategies, and exclusive industry expertise, our experts will help maximize your home’s exposure and reach the largest audience of Tucker home buyers. 


How To Get the Best Offer on Your Tucker Home

Selling your home brings about quite a bit of additional stress. From staging your home for showings and open houses to negotiating competing offers, there are several obstacles you must face when putting your home on the market. With help from our experienced team of real estate professionals, you can conquer every obstacle between you and your dream offer. By utilizing resources like our Guaranteed Offer Program, you can streamline your sale and receive a competitive cash offer on your home stress-free! 


With decades of industry experience, Mark Spain Real Estate is ready to help you navigate the Tucker market. Whether you’re a prospective buyer or looking to put your home on the market, our experts are here to help you make the most of this Georgia gem. Connect with our team today to start your real estate journey and sell a house in Tucker.

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