Importance of Personal Development: Self Care

Importance of Personal Development: Self Care

Importance of Personal Development: Self Care

By Mark Spain Real Estate

One of the core values at Mark Spain Real Estate is to constantly grow and improve. We are relentless in the pursuit of self-improvement because our team strives to perform at the highest level possible. One key factor involved in personal development is self care. If you are wanting to stride confidently down the path of self-improvement, check out why self care is an essential part of the process!


Why Self Care?

By practicing self care, we are incorporating ways of living that refresh and replenish us; mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. According to a Harvard Business School survey, 94% of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week with nearly half saying they worked more than 65 hours per week.

When we don’t take the time to step away from our work and balance the demands of our life, we become exhausted and lack mental focus. We stop growing.

When we push “hard work pays off” to the extreme, it becomes counterproductive. Our sharp skills diminish, we become overwhelmed. Despite working hard, we stop working efficiently and we burnout. This burnout can in turn lead us to feeling a plethora of negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. Being intentional with our self care alleviates these negative mental states. Psychologist Guy Winch makes a compelling case on the necessity of practicing emotional and mental ‘hygiene’.

There is a balance to be found in the middle of selfishness and sacrifice when we practice self care. By taking the time to nurture ourselves, we are able to keep up our strength and motivation. We encourage our team members to practice self care so that we may continue to pour into and serve our clients to the fullest extent. Self care allows us to fully embody our values of having an attitude of excellence and leading with a servant’s heart. Not only that, it helps us maintain a vigorous lifestyle.


How to Practice Self Care

According to a study completed by the University of Zurich, sleep, diet and exercise are cited as having a very large impact on behavior, mood and cognitive process. Aside from these basic factors, there are several other steps you can take to practicing self care.

  • Allow yourself to put yourself first: You think about blowing off a get together to work that extra hour, or skipping lunch to finish a project; but in the end you’ll become burnt out and your work will suffer. Know when it’s time to stop and take time for yourself.
  • Make time to take care of yourself: This may seem like the simplest step, but we consistently sacrifice our time when we choose to do something for someone else. Even if you start with just a few minutes a day, that will compound into a daily habit of time for yourself. We are not able to serve others until we serve ourselves.
  • Take breaks: If something is frustrating you, don’t continue to work through it with the same negative attitude. Take a break and come back to that task with renewed mental clarity.

By practicing self care, we able able to live our lives to the utmost extent. Incorporating these behaviors into your daily life will maintain your personal motivation, keep you refreshed and encourage your personal development.

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