In Good Company: Brett Huelsman

In Good Company: Brett Huelsman

In Good Company: Brett Huelsman

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is excited to announce the hiring of Brett Huelsman, our new Nashville Director of Sales. Brett started with us this past Monday, October 12. He has a long family background in real estate as well as professional management experience in forming, growing, and leading sales teams. We are excited to spotlight him as our October In Good Company member!

Tell us about you! Where were you born, what do you enjoy in your free time? 

I was born in Bismarck, North Dakota and raised in Turtle Lake, North Dakota. I grew up playing football, basketball and baseballBrett is a native rom North Dakota and is now in Nashville. through high school. After high school, I got a B.A. in Communication and a Law Degree with an Emphasis in Real Estate Law from the University of North Dakota. From there I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii to work for the State of Hawaii as a Legislative Analyst. After I left the bitter cold of North Dakota, I knew that I had to live in a Southern state and that’s how I ended up in Nashville! I enjoy traveling, watching/playing sports, health and fitness, hiking with my wife, and playing with my two boxer dogs, Eli and Archer.

When and how did you become a part of Mark Spain Real Estate?

I started with Mark Spain Real Estate this past Monday and couldn’t be more excited to join the team! I kept hearing Mark Spain Real Estate ads on the Sports Talk Radio station and they were extremely well done. As a result, I started to research the company and knew instantly that I wanted to be a part of it! I searched for available jobs in leadership and the rest is history! 

How long have you been involved in real estate and where?

I have been involved in real estate my entire life. My Dad is a home builder dating back to the 1970’s when he was a developer in the Lake Tahoe area of CA and NV. I have been involved in every aspect of real estate from laying the foundation to the sale. When I was earning my law degree, I took every Real Estate Law course available. Before I moved to TN, I had spent some time working for Verity Homes in North Dakota. 

Why Mark Spain Real Estate? 

I love the people at Mark Spain Real Estate! It truly is a family atmosphere with a lot of great energy and integrity. Mark and the team represent everything I want to be a part of. 

What are your passions in life outside of work? 

I am very passionate about helping people who need help! I have spent time volunteering for the Special Olympics and organizing fundraisers for various causes.

What is a hidden talent that you have?

Trivia, but specifically sports and pop culture trivia. You’ll often find me making the rounds at the various trivia nights in the Greater Nashville area.

Brett is starting with us October 12 as our Nashville director of sales Who inspires you in life?

My dad is my biggest hero! His work ethic, integrity, generosity, talent, and care for others is what I strive to be. 

Tell me about the friendships you’ve made at Mark Spain Real Estate.

From the start, this team made me feel like I had been friends with everyone for years. Senior Director Tom and VP of Sales Cindy were especially hands-on throughout the hiring process. The involvement, engagement, and accessibility of President John and CEO Mark, blew me away! 

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to continuing to build on Mark Spain Real Estate’s success in Nashville and setting the bar even higher going into 2021! Lastly, I am looking forward to helping the Mark Spain Real Estate team and our clients achieve their real estate goals. 

From The Team

Brett really impressed me in every interaction we had during the interview process. Making the decision to invite him to join our team was an easy one!  We were looking for a leader that expects excellence of themselves and of others!  Someone who would wrap their arms around our Nashville team to help them reach their goals. A person who finds a great amount of satisfaction in investing in others, dominating the leaderboards and loves to win like the rest of us!  Humility, coach-ability, strong leadership chops, and a positive outlook on life were non-negotiable. We found that and so much more in Brett!  He is sure to find great success in his new role while fostering the fun and supportive culture that we all love at Mark Spain Real Estate!  I couldn’t be more thrilled about welcoming Brett to the team!” – Vice President of Sales, Cindy Krampetz

Brett is the real deal! He comes alongside others with a genuine interest in their success, and then plows a way for them to achieve it. He is not afraid to put in the work, levels-up those around him, and the results speak for themselves. You can be sure that he will achieve everything he sets his mind to.” – Tom Friberg, Senior Director of Sales

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