In Good Company: Donnie Icenhour

In Good Company: Donnie Icenhour

In Good Company: Donnie Icenhour

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, one of our core values is having an attitude of excellence. Donnie Icenhour, one of our Talent Development Specialists, has really done well in exemplifying that value.  Donnie started with the Mark Spain Real Estate team in March of 2019, after being hesitant to get back into real estate full time. 

After speaking to Charlotte’s Director of Sales, Rachel Alles, who saw in Donnie infinite potential, he decided to pursue a full-time real estate career. Donnie continues to add value to Mark Spain Real Estate, and we are honored to have him as part of our training team. We cannot wait to see him thrive!

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Tell us about you, Donnie! Where were you born, and what do you do in your free time?

I was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant NC, a bedroom community in Charlotte. I still live in the same county I grew up in. However, I did go to college in Lakeland, Florida, and lived in Youngstown, Ohio. 

In my free time, I mostly enjoy doing things with my family but I enjoy movies, binge-watching TV shows, working in the yard, and volunteering at my church.

Meet Donnie Icenhour

When and how did you become a part of Mark Spain Real Estate? 

I started on March 18th, 2019. I was very hesitant at first because Mark Spain Real Estate was new to the area but I knew I didn’t want to be part of a traditional real estate company. When my awesome Director of Sales, Rachel Alles invited me to come on board I was not sure. I only applied because I was not having much luck with other businesses I applied to.

At the time I was only doing real estate part-time. I had worked at the same place for 10 years and was hesitant to get back into real estate full time. Hands down, absolutely one of the best decisions I ever made. I have never worked harder than I have since I joined the team but I have never had as much fun working, developed deep friendships, or have been as rewarded as I have at Mark Spain Real Estate. 

How long have you been involved in real estate and where? 

I have been in real estate for almost 20 years. I have been part owner of a Remax franchise, part of 2 small local firms, and part of one of Carolina’s largest firms. 

Why Mark Spain Real Estate? 

Mark Spain Real Estate was new to the area and I did not want to go back to a traditional company. 

What have you learned the most from working at Mark Spain Real Estate? 

To say 1 thing is tough. I would probably say that my mindset is what sets our limits for our growth and business. This has made me more self-aware and open to feedback from others to improve myself and my business.

Donnie Icenhour and Family

What are your passions in life outside of work? 

My family. I look at my incredible wife and my wonderful children and I realize how blessed I am. If it wasn’t for them I would work all the time. I am reminded work is work and I can work anywhere but my family is a gift, that is why they are my passion outside of work.

Who inspires you in life? 

This is difficult to say because I do not find it necessary in 1 person but more in a collection of people for different reasons. I look at my Dad who moved from poverty in the mountains of NC and difficult family life to start a successful logging business and become a great Dad. I really like people’s stories because no 2 stories are the same and no 2 people achieved success the same way.

I look at my pastor David Henderson who started a great church that my family and I feel very much a part of. I absolutely love the story of Condoleezza Rice growing up in Birmingham, Al, and becoming Secretary of State. Billy Graham lived the life he lived with integrity and his relentless pursuit to spread the Gospel.

I loved the autobiography of Steve Jobs who is completely different from Jack Welch’s book. Even looking at our great company Mark Spain Real Estate and where it was 10 years ago. I find inspiration and drive from people’s stories.

Tell us about the friendships you’ve made at Mark Spain Real Estate. 

I have made many friendships and not just surface friendships but deep genuine friendships that extend beyond Mark Spain Real Estate. I feel Mark Spain Real Estate in many ways is an extended family that I would have over for Christmas and would celebrate huge successes with. 

What are you looking forward to this year? 

I am excited to see the big growth for our company in 2022 and be part of an incredible training team. I am looking forward to this time next year to reflect on my personal growth and remember where I started on March 18th, 2019.

From the team

“Donnie’s enthusiasm for work and life is contagious!  He approaches everything he does with positivity and eagerness to learn more. He was a leader without a title for over a year. His never-ending patience, servant’s heart, and coachability made him a perfect fit for the Training Department. We are so grateful to have him on our team!” – Brandi Bryant, Director of Training and Development. 

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