Our Top Tips for Selling Your Home this Summer!

Our Top Tips for Selling Your Home this Summer!

Our Top Tips for Selling Your Home this Summer!

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Thinking about selling your home this summer? The summer season is one of the most popular times of year to sell. Mark Spain Real Estate has accumulated the best tips you need to know before selling your home this summer.

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Selling Your Home This Summer – Our Top Tips

Outdoor Cleaning

Have the best curb appeal this summer by cleaning up around the exterior of your home! Home buyers get their very first impression when they pull up to your home. You want to make sure your home looks spotless inside and out. Try pressure washing to give your home that shiny and clean look. Or soft wash various areas such as the windows, gutters, driveway, etc.

Front Door and Entry Way Enhancements

The front door of your home is the first thing that buyers walk up to.  When selling a home, your front door and entry way should look sharp, yet inviting. Try repainting your front door it give it a nice face lift. Add a welcome mat, potted plants, and front porch furniture. In addition, you can even add a fancy door knocker and upgraded hardware!

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Exterior Landscaping

The summer is one of the best seasons to show off the exterior of your home. The weather is warm and bright and your home will be shown in its full glory with blooming plants and a beautiful lawn. , It is important to keep your exterior landscaping clean, tight and beautiful because first impressions are everything. Pull any weeds, give the lawn a fresh mow, add mulch, and plant beautiful flowers. If your lawn needs a little more life in it, use an inexpensive sprinkler system and fertilizer to give your lawn that fresh green look homebuyers love. These landscaping tips will give your front yard a facelift and make the exterior of your home stand out.

Upgrade Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer is the time when everyone is enjoying the outdoors in the nice weather. This season is the perfect time to highlight the exterior living spaces of your home. If you have outdoor furniture or a pool, make sure they are in great shape and look inviting. Not only does a homebuyer envision themselves living inside the home, but also outside of it. If you don’t have any outdoor furniture, you may want to consider adding tables and chairs to make a plain area more inviting. Add potted plants or landscaping to make your backyard look like the sought after place to relax or entertain in the summer sun.

Tackle Outdoor Repairs

Our final tip before selling your home this summer is to tackle any necessary outdoor repairs. Homebuyers notice even the smallest of problems in and outside of a home. Whether it’s fixing a broken fence, replacing gutters, or resealing windows to keep bugs out, these repairs cost very little time and money, but are well worth it.


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