The 5 Best Ways to Make Your Home Staging Feel Authentic and Cozy

The 5 Best Ways to Make Your Home Staging Feel Authentic and Cozy

The 5 Best Ways to Make Your Home Staging Feel Authentic and Cozy

By Mark Spain Real Estate

We all want a cozy, beautiful home. Most people think of apartments when they hear the word “cozy,” but decorating with simple, minimal designs can be a great way to show off your sense of style without feeling cluttered or a great way to stage your home when putting it on the market. There are 5 key ways you can attain that cozy feel in your home, whether for everyday living or when you’re ready to sell:

1. Focus on Quality over Quantity

Most of us have all been in the position where we find a stellar deal on a high-quality piece, but think “couldn’t I get three of these for the same price elsewhere?” The answer is probably “Yes!”, but for a minimalistic space, you should always focus on quality over quantity.

If you find a lamp that you love and would fit perfectly in your space, remember that it is an investment! Purchasing a high-quality design piece is usually worth it. That table that costs a little more than you wanted to spend but fits the dimensions of your room perfectly may just be worth it. It’s important to remain focused on quality as you begin your minimalist lifestyle.

2. It’s All in the Details When Staying Cozy

Small touches and clean designs are extremely important in a simple space. In order to achieve that cozy yet minimalistic space, you have to pay attention to the details. Whether it is the embroidered pillow, gold-accented chair, or a few woodland-themed pieces, you want your home to have flow between each room. It’s important that the details you focus on add richness without adding clutter.

Try a variety of textures that still fit together in your chosen color palette. Add a reading corner with a one-of-a-kind pillow. Place greenery throughout your home for a natural feel. Include a piece of artwork featuring something you love in each space. Just find something that fits your personality, matches your design, and makes you feel happy!

Make your home feel cozy


3. Use Consistent Color Palettes Throughout Your Home

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, color is coming back in 2017! The past few years have pushed neutral tones, but the color is finally making its comeback! When you are decorating minimally, it is important to stick to one color palette. Color consistency will look sophisticated and inviting to your guests.

4. Light Becomes Even More Important with Minimal Design

It is important to know how light enters your home and how it presents itself throughout the day. Learn how to manipulate it to suit your design needs simply by trial and error. Use window treatments to direct the light how you want, test out lamps in different spaces until the room looks right throughout the day and night, and don’t be afraid to forgo the bright, overhead lights that come into your home in favor of lamps that provide a softer glow.

The key when using light to help set the tone in your simple space is to take your time and realize it’s okay to splurge on one awesome light fixture; after all, it can change the mood of your space entirely!

5. Decorate with Things that Make You Feel Happy

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but many people avoid decorations they love because they worry their guests will think they are tacky or out of place. Let us let you in on a little secret: when you are happy in your space, others will see that and feel happy as well! One of the most important parts of decorating is loving your space. Others will come and go, but you live there – so make it yours!

You can decorate minimally while staying true to your style sense and desires. Do you have a journal from your grandma that you’d like to display? What about an old photograph of your great-grandfather? If it brings you joy to see it in your home, display it proudly and watch your guests fawn over the uniqueness! You won’t regret it!

Whether you are decorating your first apartment, forever home, or staging to sell, using these tips will help you achieve your perfect, cozy, minimalist design in no time!

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