The Top 7 Tech Tools for Your Home Search

The Top 7 Tech Tools for Your Home Search

The Top 7 Tech Tools for Your Home Search

By Mark Spain Real Estate

House hunting for a place that will fit all your aesthetic and functional needs can be difficult. From location and school district to size of the backyard, it can be tough to sift through hundreds of listings. Why make your home search harder than it has to be? Here are our top tech tools picks that will make the home search process (and your life!) a little easier.

1. The Mark Spain Real Estate App for Your Home Search

Get accurate and up-to-date listing information, use the GPS search to pull up listed homes near you, learn about mortgages, taxes, or amenities of homes you like, and contact a Mark Spain Real Estate representative directly from the app!

Use the app for your Home Search

2. Real Estate by Zillow

One of our top favorites hands down has to be Zillow! Hand-draw your desired search region, filter by agent or by owner listing, and determine if your favorite listing is a new listing or even a foreclosure. All this and real-time email notifications as new listings pop up makes Zillow perfect for those looking to move quickly.

3. ShowingTime

ShowingTime gives you the control of showings and lets you determine the best times for your schedule. This system verifies that the agent is licensed and in good standing, making it the most secure showing in Georgia and allows you to approve showings via your phone, email, or text message.

4. Updater

Updater is a timesaving moving tool that provides support in completing moving-related tasks including: forwarding mail with the USPS, updating over 15,000 accounts and records, connecting utilities and digital services, finding reputable moving companies, updating licenses with the DMV, and sending digital moving announcements.


5. ThumbTack

Thumbtack is an app that delivers free, customized quotes from the best local handymen, photographers, guitar teachers, and more. From house painting to personal training, ThumbTack brings you the right pros for every project on your list.

6. Houzz

Houzz is an interior design app that shows you the most modern, trendy home designs. It also lets you see what your house could look like with upgrades and helps you visualize the difference that investing into home improvements can make.

7. Magic Plan

Magic Plan is an app that lets you map out the floor plan of your house by simply taking a walk around your house! This is a great feature to upload to your listings and social media platforms as an asset to share with interested parties.

These are just a few tech tools we can provide for your home search. Interested in selling or buying? Contact us today to get a head start. 

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