What Home Upgrades Increase Value?

What Home Upgrades Increase Value?

What Home Upgrades Increase Value?

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Whether you plan to stay in your home for another six months or six years, home upgrades are a great way to increase your property’s value. Not only will renovations enhance your house’s livability for yourself and future tenants, but they will also maximize your profit potential once your home is on the market. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we deliver top-performing home-selling strategies to optimize your listing. From choosing home upgrades to helping with home staging, our expert listing consultants are ready to sell your home fast, hassle-free! If you’re considering remodeling your home before putting it on the market, we’re here to help you get started. Read below for our top home upgrades to increase property value. 

What Home Upgrades Increase Value?

Kitchen Remodel

A quality kitchen is both a focal point of a home and a valuable selling point for home buyers. Whether it’s as small as an upgraded kitchen faucet or as significant as brand-new marble countertops, remodeling your kitchen is a great way to add to your home’s value and buyer appeal. Some renovations that might catch buyers’ attention include a kitchen island, freshly painted cabinets, professional-grade appliances, and a multipurpose work area like an in-kitchen desk. 

Lighting Upgrades

Lighting can make or break a home’s welcoming and open feel. From wide-open windows to bright light fixtures, you can implement many lighting upgrades to make your space feel bigger and increase your home’s value. If your property has a lot of natural light, keep curtains and blinds open during home showings and open houses. Lighting home upgrades will add value to your listing. If you don’t have many windows, you can spruce up your space with upgraded lighting fixtures and bulbs. You might also consider adding some mirrors to your space, as these will also make your home feel bigger and brighter to buyers. 

Improved Curb Appeal

If you want to sell your home for more, upgrading your curb appeal could put you in a good spot. Your home’s exterior is the first thing buyers will see when viewing your online listing, driving by, or arriving for a home showing or open house. So, making home upgrades to the outside of your home is your best bet for a solid first impression. Some quick and inexpensive home upgrades could include: installing a new front door or painting your current one, refining landscaping with new shrubs and flowerbeds, or adding outdoor lighting to your front and back yards. If you’re working with a bigger budget, you might consider more significant upgrades like a garage door replacement, stone veneer installations, or an upgrade to a circular driveway. 

Bathroom Remodel

Like your kitchen, your home’s bathrooms also hold significant value in your home’s value and buyer appeal. Remodeling your bathrooms help them appear more clean and up-to-date, giving your home a more renovated and modern feel. Renovated bathrooms are helpful home upgrades for increasing your house's property value. If you’re only interested in making a few minor tweaks, consider installing new faucets, brightening the room with paint, or adding mirror light fixtures. Or, if you’re looking to make more substantial improvements, try adding freestanding tubs, smart device amenities, or fresh bathroom tile. 

Finished Attic or Basement

Finishing your attic or basement is an excellent way to add square footage to your home and increase its value. Whether you convert your attic into an extra bedroom or transform your basement into the ultimate entertainment space, making home upgrades to your unfinished spaces maximizes your home’s liability and profit potential. However, making these types of significant home upgrades can take a bit longer than more minor renovations. If you plan to sell your home, thoughtfully map out your renovation timeline so that these spaces are complete before your home hits the market. 

Choose Home Upgrades With Mark Spain Real Estate

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