Why It’s Essential to Have a Real Estate Agent

Why It’s Essential to Have a Real Estate Agent

Why It’s Essential to Have a Real Estate Agent

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Choose the right real estate agent with Mark Spain Real Estate! Buying or selling a home –  whether it’s your first or fifth time – is both an exciting and overwhelming experience. You are making a huge financial investment, and you realize that a complicated process lies ahead of you. Don’t you want someone to help you step by step along the way?

Licensed and professional realtors are here for you to help make the home buying and selling processes as seamless as possible! Along the way, many clients and realtors even grow to be close friends. Hiring a real estate agent is a wise idea and a tremendous help.

a Mark Spain Real Estate Agent provides an unparalleled client experience

1. Realtors are ready and willing to help.

One of my favorite stories displaying a great realtor’s commitment was after one of her buyers agents had just shown a client a home. The relator had just arrived back home and walked in the front door when she received a call from her client asking to see it again. The home was all the way across town and she knew it would be another 3 hours or more before she would get back home. Yet, without fail, her response was “I’m on my way!”

The point in becoming a Realtor, if done for the right reasons, is for them to be there for you! They want to be available to help as close to 24/7 while maintaining as much of a steady work-life balance as possible.

a real estate agent must work with other agents

2. No need to hire a psychologist; A real estate agent is able to wear many hats.

When finding a real estate agent, it is vital you find someone you grow to know, like, and trust. This realtor helps you step by step through some of the most exciting and most stressful times of your life. Naturally, you chit-chat a little along the way. They hear about your marriage, your kids, your friends. And it’s ok! They enjoy getting to know you. Realtors truly care about you. They didn’t choose realty to make money, they chose it to help people.

a real estate agent must be knowledgeable

3. Realtors know people!

Let’s talk economics for a second: opportunity cost. Your real estate agent knows how important time is to you and they value your time. When you are off work, you deserve to have fun – whether it is hanging with your kids, your spouse, or going to the movies! Don’t let yourself waste time looking for painters, carpenters, inspectors, and lenders when realtors already have a list compiled for you and in hand. And surprise each recommendation they have also given the client a deal! Let us do the work for you after hours so you can attend your kid’s soccer game instead!

real estate agent must learn how to negotiate

4. Negotiating is hard. Let the real estate agent do the dirty work.

Very rarely do buyers and sellers come to an agreement on the first try. Oftentimes, negotiating get’s messy. You don’t want to be in the middle of that. Let your real estate agent be the communication barrier that helps guide you towards getting the closest perfect deal possible. Realtors know what to say; it’s their job! They can be nice if you want us to or firm if you need us to be. Let us do the dirty work. All they want is to listen to and advise you towards closing the best deal.

real estate agent should engage in marketing

5. Marketing, marketing, marketing.

The Big M. Another huge upside to hiring a real estate agent is that they do the marketing for you! Your home is put on MLS services, they help you get great photography, they advertise your home on social media, and they give you name recognition with billboards, tv ads, and radio ads. Realtors also realize the 30 day crunch of prime time on the market.

Realtors not only market your home, but they help make your home marketable. Before listing your home or showing you homes, they make sure every detail is exactly right. Most importantly, they help you perfect the price on the front end, striving towards making the process the quickest and easiest as possible on the backend.

All in all, realtors save you time, energy, and money. They save you stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Realtors bring you through the home selling and buying process smoothly and efficiently.  It really does pay to hire a realtor.

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