Canton, Georgia

Not only are Canton homes for sale part of Cherokee County, but they’re located in the county seat. The city is home to a little over 22,000 people according to a census conducted in 2010. This is nearly 8,000 more people than when a census was conducted just ten years prior.

A lot of people make their way to this city because they have an interest in seeing Cagle’s Dairy. Others come because they want to look at some of the historic architecture. This city is even home to a small wild west town that is just 10 acres in size with a little over 100 people living in it. The best part is the fact that the little wild west town is filled with small farm animals.

Community Highlights

Tanglewood is actually the first establishment in the United States to focus on miniature farm animals. It is the perfect place for animal lovers and families with children to come if they want to have a good time. There are over 150 different miniature farm animals for you to pet. Tiny Bubbles is one of the more well-known animals – the smallest miniature horse in the world!

Tanglewood offers a walking tour to all of their guests. It is a chance for you to see what a real pioneer village looked and felt like. You will get to see a grand hotel, jail, salon, living stable, and trading post. There are snacks if you get hungry and souvenirs for you to take home with you.

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