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Atlanta, Georgia

As one of Buckhead’s top neighborhoods, Chastain Park is a perfect haven for those looking for the best of suburban living. Known for its amenities, luxurious homes, and family-friendly year-round activities. There is something for everyone at Chastain Park, and there’s no wondering why it is one of the most beloved areas in Atlanta. Chastain Park is a vital market within the Atlanta area, and those looking to buy or sell a home may want to take advantage of the opportunities in this area. The Expert Listing Consultants at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to help you navigate this market. With over 25 years of experience in Atlanta markets, Mark Spain Real Estate is ready to help you reach your real estate dreams.

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Sell a Home In Chastain Park

If you’re interested in selling a home in Chastain Park, knowing the trends in this market will help you achieve your goals. The average house in Chastain Park is listed for about $1,582,212, so homeowners have impressive profits to make out of this market if they make the right moves. The average listing stays on the market for about 27 days, so homeowners have plenty of time to consider appropriate upgrades on their property. Talk with the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate to sell your home fast, and for the best price.

Buy a Home In Chastain Park

If you’re looking to buy a home in Chastain Park, you’re in luck. This somewhat competitive market has plenty of options for hopeful homebuyers. As one of the most elite neighborhoods in Buckhead and Atlanta, Chastain Park is beloved because of its activities, amenities, proximity to key neighborhoods, and property value. Is ideal for those with families or young professionals seeking a trendy place to call home. Although it’s somewhat competitive, the Chastain Park real estate market is close to many other markets that fluctuate in popularity. Therefore, buyers should be proactive, since this market may see increased traffic.









About Chastain Park

Chastain Park is a 268 acre place that also happens to be Atlanta’s third largest city-park. The civic association of Chastain Park allows the community to thrive and for families to feel safe in this comfortable suburb. Chastain Park is known for many of its amenities, such as playgrounds, gymnasiums, pools, tennis courts, golf courses, and a horse park. The population currently sits under 5,000 residents, while the average household income is $131,300.

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Looking to buy or sell a home in Chastain Park, Georgia? Place your trust in us. Regardless of your unique real estate goals, the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate will leverage our 25 years of experience in the Atlanta market to help you. Whether you’re looking to call Chastain Park home, or moving out, our Expert Listing Consultants bring key insights and a unique perspective to the Chastain Park real estate market. Additionally, if you’re looking to sell a home quickly in Chastain Park, consider our Guaranteed Offer Program. You may obtain a cash offer and sell your home in as little as 21 days, worry-free.

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