East Nashville

East Nashville Real Estate

Nashville, Tennessee

East Nashville is one of the most appealing areas of the famous Music City. Located to the northeast of Nashville’s city center, East Nashville is a cultural hub of music, food, and fun. With sights to see, local music, and craft beer, East Nashville is a trendy, fun place to live with prime real estate. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in East Nashville, the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to help your dream become a reality.

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Sell a Home In East Nashville

Are you interested in selling your home in East Nashville? Buyers love this neighborhood for its great urban homes perfect for couples, families, and singles alike. The average listing price on homes in East Nashville is $494,00, and there’s something for everyone. Make sure to take advantage of selling in one of the most desirable areas of the entire state and list your home according to its property value. The Expert Listing Consultants at Mark Spain Real Estate can help you get on the market and sell your home faster than you could with anyone else.

Buy a Home In East Nashville

Are you looking to buy a home in East Nashville? With around 12 homes lasting about 30 days on the market, this neighborhood is somewhat competitive and offers several options for those looking to buy. East Nashville is ideal for its hip houses, nature scene, shopping, art, food, and entertainment. It offers charming, cozy bungalows for those interested in properties right in the center of the activity.







About East Nashville

With a population of 26,382, East Nashville is a neighbor to Inglewood, Belle Meade, and Forest Hills. It is home to several gorgeous parks for anyone who loves to be active outside, art galleries, culinary masterpieces, museums, and quirky cultural appeal. East Nashville boasts an incredible nightlife with good vibes flowing throughout the city. It also has a greenway winding throughout, along with many delicious hot spots. Anyone in the art crowd or people who love having endless things to do will thrive in East Nashville.

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Are you looking to buy or sell real estate in East Nashville? Mark Spain Real Estate can help you find the perfect new home or sell your current one, pulling from our years of expertise in the area. Our knowledgeable agents are happy to help you buy your dream home or sell your house as you journey on to your next adventure. Plus, check out our Guaranteed Offer Program, where you can obtain a cash offer and close on your home in as little as 21 days, stress-free.

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