Ashford Park Elementary School

This lively elementary school is found within the Brookhaven community.

It was originally established in 1955 and has been serving the area ever since. The school serves about 500 students every year and provides some of the best teachers in the area.

The past five years, the school has worked hard to help create more well-rounded students. Through programs for gifted students and those needing a little extra help, the school has been able to focus more on the individual students.

Ashford Park Elementary has exceeded the academic standards set by the Georgia Department of Education for many years. They have been known as a distinguished School for nearly a decade and have received the Gold Award from the State in 2007.

The school has been nicknamed “Brookhaven’s Great Little Secret” and has become one of the top schools within the area. It’s also home to the only German Dual Immersion Program in the state.


The school provides plenty of academics for students that meet the common core standards. They also offer gifted programs and even placed second in the Districtwide Academic Bowl in 2013. Many programs are available for students including:

  • After School Tutorial
  • Magnificent Math Night
  • Writing across the Curriculum
  • Gifted Programs
  • STEM Night
  • After School @ Ashford Park
  • And More!

Ashford Park Elementary also provides instructional software programs, a media center and plenty of activities for students to enjoy.

The school is a part of the DeKalb County School District and rated at a five-star school by The school is known for a very high level of academic achievement.

Overall, those living within the Ashford Park Elementary district enjoy sending their kids to this school. It’s known as a very desirable elementary school because of the good academic programs and positive learning environment.

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