Austin Elementary School

Austin elementary was started in 1975 and has been serving the Dunwoody, Georgia area ever since.

It was constructed to help take the pressure off the overcrowded schools within the area and originally served grades one through seven.

The school was expanded in 1978 to include a kindergarten program and additional classrooms. When Dunwoody Elementary School closed in 1985, many students and teachers became a part of Austin Elementary. The school changed to serving grades K through six when Peachtree Junior High School opened in 1988. In 1995, the school added a pre-kindergarten program and in 1998, the sixth-grade students moved to Peachtree Middle School. Today, Austin Elementary services grades Pre-K to 5.

School Beliefs

The school has a strong set of beliefs, which include:

  • Providing a safe and positive environment for students
  • Students will want to succeed
  • All students are capable of learning
  • Students should be actively involved in the learning process
  • Students are valued as individuals
  • And Others!

The school strives to provide the best possible learning environment for all students regardless of their needs.


Austin Elementary adheres to the standards set by the state of Georgia when it comes to performance. The schools uses the DCSD grade level syllabi for all subjects and the instructional frameworks. They also offer special education, gifted programs and more.

The gifted and high achievers program helps to challenge students and get them ready for the Impact Program in middle and high school. The special education program helps to ensure all individual students are served in the best possible way.

Austin Elementary serves over 650 students as a part of the DeKalb County School District. It has been given a 10 out of 10 by and a four-star rating. It’s known as a very desirable school for elementary students and many families live within the district so that they can send their children to Austin Elementary School.

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