Summit Hill Elementary School

Summit Hills Elementary provides a vision of providing more than just high test scores for their students.

They value development on a deeper level including critical thinking, creativity, innovation and problem-solving. The staff is dedicated to providing an engaging environment allowing students to grow and explore.


The elementary curriculum provides programs for English, Math, Social Studies and Science. This curriculum adheres to the Georgia set of standards and helps to provide the challenge necessary for students to grow and learn.

Summit Hills Elementary provides special programs for talented and gifted students, along with those needing special help. These programs allow each student to get the right tools to grow and learn.

This school also provides the necessary technology to help students learn how to function with computers and other types of technology. The computer lab provides typing programs, along with many other programs to help students learn the basics of the computer. Some of the older grades will also learn programs, such as Microsoft Office Word. They also gain access to Study Island, IXL and SpellingCity.


Along with the good academic programs, Summit Hills Elementary provides plenty of after school programs, which include:

  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Technology Club
  • Piano
  • The Tutor Shop
  • You Gotta Have Art
  • PrimeTime YMCA
  • Chorus
  • Let’s Pretend Drama
  • And More!

These programs allow students to explore additional interests and provide something for them to enjoy after school hours are over.

Summit Hill Elementary School serves the Alpharetta area. It has an enrollment of over 800 students and is a part of the Fulton County School District. has rated this school as a 10 out of 10 and the community has given it a four-star rating. Summit Hills Elementary provides both a good education and plenty of additional programs for students to enjoy.

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