Our Client Experience: Avoid Stress and Sell Hassle-Free with the #1 Team in the US

Our Client Experience: Avoid Stress and Sell Hassle-Free with the #1 Team in the US

Our Client Experience: Avoid Stress and Sell Hassle-Free with the #1 Team in the US

By Mark Spain Real Estate

If you have been searching for a way to sell your home fast while avoiding all the stress of preparing for showings and open houses- then look no further! Our Guaranteed Offer program is the perfect opportunity for you to reach your goals. Not only does this selling program allow you to avoid stress and sell hassle-free, but it also allows you to receive the most competitive all-cash offer in the industry!

Having been ranked the #1 team in the US by The Wall Street Journal and earned over 5,000 5-star reviews, you can confidently trust Mark Spain Real Estate with the sale of your home! We promise to remain client-focused by making your goals our goals and going the extra mile to ensure your experience is unparalleled.

Recently, our client, Shalon, chose to use our Guaranteed Offer program. She was able to sell her home fast and hassle-free! Additionally, she obtained a competitive all-cash offer! No showings. No open houses. No stress. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know our clients have different goals. For those looking to sell their home, learn more about the different selling programs we offer.

Shalon’s Story- Avoid Stress and Sell Hassle-FreeShalon was able to sell her home hassle-free with our Guaranteed Offer program.

Shalon had been renting out her home for quite some time. She was wanting to sell soon but was overwhelmed by how much time and money she would have to spend on repairs, in preparation for showings and open houses. After seeing a television commercial about Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer program, she decided to reach out! Shalon was wanting to learn more about the selling programs we offer, so she could pick the program that best aligned with her goals.

Once Shalon was able to meet with our dedicated and experienced Exclusive Listing Agent, she was presented with all of her possible listing options and the information needed to make the best decision. Because the Guaranteed Offer program provides our clients with the opportunity to sell their homes fast and for a competitive all-cash offer, while avoiding showings and open houses, Shalon decided that this program was the perfect opportunity for her goals. No more need to stress about repairs!

Shalon’s Guaranteed Offer

Shalon’s Guaranteed Offer experience was unparalleled. She sold her home quickly, hassle-free, and received an all-cash offer for nearly 90% of her home’s market value! Shalon was extremely grateful that she had put her trust in Mark Spain Real Estate. She was so satisfied with her experience, that she decided to continue working with us throughout the sale of another home!

When we asked about her Guaranteed Offer experience with Mark Spain Real Estate, Shalon shared,

“My Exclusive Listing Agent was professional, patient, and always willing to answer my questions! Mark Spain Real Estate made it very obvious that our happiness is what matters most. We were so impressed with our experience with Mark Spain Real Estate and our Exclusive Listing Agent that we immediately requested to continue working with them for the sale of our next home!”

About The Guaranteed Offer Program

Shalon was able to sell her home hassle-free with our Guaranteed Offer program.Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer allows homeowners to skip the stress that comes with traditionally listing a home for sale. The program offers the ability to bypass the market with no showings and no open houses. Sell your home hassle-free! Additionally, homeowners are able to receive a competitive cash offer and close in as little as 21 days. We understand that each of our clients has different real estate goals. Because of this, we provide our clients with different selling programs in order to meet their real estate goals.

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