How Mark Spain Real Estate Is Preparing For The Fall Market

How Mark Spain Real Estate Is Preparing For The Fall Market

How Mark Spain Real Estate Is Preparing For The Fall Market

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As we settle into fall, you may be wondering if this is the right season to begin the process of selling or buying a home. There are many advantages to taking the next step in your real estate journey now, and Mark Spain Real Estate is prepared to serve you in the fall market. 

We go the extra mile when serving our clients in reaching their real estate goals. Our clients always come first and we are grateful to have served the real estate industry for more than 25 years. Because of this, we have remained the #1 team in the US.

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How We Are Preparing For The Fall Market

While the number of houses on the market in the fall is fewer than the supply of available homes to purchase in the spring or summer months,  sellers are motivated to sell their homes prior to the holidays throughout the fall!

If you are ready to take the next step in selling your home this fall, we would be honored to serve you.

Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled helpful tips to prepare to sell your home in the fall market.

Maintaining The Landscape

To make a memorable first impression on potential buyers in the fall market, make sure your landscape is well-groomed. Grass may fade in color and leaves may begin to fall, however, a well-kept lawn impresses buyers year-round. As a seller eager to sell their home quickly, make sure to keep your lawn mowed, rake the falling leaves, cut back branches, and lay fresh mulch or pine straw.

Adding fall-colored flowers, including chrysanthemums, commonly referred to as mums, could be a nice touch. Having a yard in tip-top condition can also drive up the value of your home!

Fall Market MSRE

Decorate Tastefully

Make your home feel warm and inviting as the temperature outside is dropping. Keep the holiday decorations to a minimum during the months of the fall market – think “less is more.”

Spruce up your home with seasonal accents, such as a fall foliage wreath on the front door. and small pumpkins on end tables. Classic decoration choices like this will improve your home’s fall curb appeal.

To prepare for showings, consider turning on your fireplace to add extra warmth as well. By making your home inviting to potential buyers, you help them envision cozying up this fall and winter next to their potential future fireplace.

Attract Serious Home Buyers

With fewer people on the market this time of year, there is less competition. Buyers enter the fall market for many reasons, such as job relocation or change in a family situation, so they are bound to be eager to secure a deal. 

Sellers planning to list their homes this fall should photograph their homes before their landscaping is bare and the grass has faded. Mark Spain Real Estate’s clients can rest assured professional photography will be taken of their listing as soon as they are ready to list! 

Create a curb appeal that leaves buyers wanting to see more. Potential buyers often drive by a home and make a judgment based on how the home looks from the outside. Adding exterior details, updating your walkway, and refreshing your landscaping are a few ways you can make buyers fall in love with the home.

Find a Program That Fits Your Needs

If you are in a position in which you need to sell, we provide many programs to ensure you can reach your goals easily in this fall market. When hiring Mark Spain Real Estate to serve you in accomplishing your selling or buying goals, you can be assured you will be provided with personalized, expert programs tailored to your needs.

Mark Spain Real Estate has designed programs to suit each of our clients, knowing that each client has a different real estate goal. Visit our blog on the programs we offer to learn more about The Guaranteed Offer program, the Market Listing program, and the Accelerated Listing program!

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