Jill’s 2nd Client Experience With Us

Jill’s 2nd Client Experience With Us

Jill’s 2nd Client Experience With Us

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our top priority is to provide you with an unparalleled client experience. We are proud to be the #1-rated real estate firm in the industry for client satisfaction with over 4,100 5-star reviews. Last month, our client Jill, called us when she was ready to search for a home to buy. She was extremely happy with her 2nd client experience with us.

Jill’s Buyer Closing

Jill had previously worked with Mark Spain Real Estate as a seller. Because she had a great first client experience with us, she kept us in mind when she was ready to buy her next home. As only a second time home buyer, she wanted an agent she could trust.  Because the current market is so busy, Jill wanted to get started on the search for her next home.We were proud to serve Jill during her buyer's closing

Our Client Experience- Jill’s Review

When we asked Jill about her buyer’s closing with us, she shared, “Mark Spain Real Estate was wonderful and caring when I sold my first home. I contacted them when I was ready to purchase again. The client concierge put me in touch with Donnie who was very attentive and responsive to my needs and concerns. In this busy market, he always took his time explaining every part of the process and helped ease my nerves. I would definitely work with him again and will recommend Donnie and Mark Spain Real Estate to everyone I know who is in the market. Great job!” 

Our agents have extensive knowledge of the markets they work in. Additionally, they are highly skilled and trained to keep the client in mind. Donnie and Jill were in constant communication and had no problem finding the perfect home for Jill! We look forward to serving Jill again in the future!

If you are not looking to have showings or open houses, Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer keeps you in control of your home selling process. You can receive a cash offer and close on your home in as little as 21 days.

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