New Construction Emerging in 2021

New Construction Emerging in 2021

New Construction Emerging in 2021

By Mark Spain Real Estate

In response to the 2020 housing shortage, increased demand for new construction has arisen. This new construction will put a halt to the lack of inventory on the market. Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled all of the reasons why you should consider selling your home and building your dream home in 2021!

The realization of a need for more space to enjoy all of life’s tasks has risen, resulting in an urge to start new construction. We are connected to the top builders in the Southeast to help you build your dream home!

Builder Referral Program

Mark Spain Real Estate is connected to some of the best builders in the Southeast! We offer a program called the Builder Referral Program which enables you to sell your old home and build your dream one! Being a part of this program can save you thousands of dollars. Many sellers choose this program to save money on real estate commissions. 

We sell your home for 4% commission, rather than 6%, which is an advantage for the seller. In addition, we receive compensation from the builder who begins construction on your new home before your old home is even sold! To find out if you qualify for the Builder Referral Program, visit our website!

Eliminate the CompetitionMark Spain Real Estate can sell your old home and assist you in new construction

Going into 2021, interest rates are low and the competition is high. To reduce the competition amongst buyers, new homes are being built with more ideal and sought-after elements to be set apart from others in the market. We can expect these new homes to have popular features that are now necessities like small private nooks, larger kitchens, and outside amenities. 

By building from scratch, buyers have the opportunity to live in a home that 100% meets their needs! Buyers can choose their desired location and feel at ease knowing that they are not settling. By building your own home you can find comfort and security in the fact that you are also not competing with anyone else’s offer for a home that you love!

Increasing Technology Amping New Construction

Growth and improvement are happening all around us, including in the technology industry. As a result of increased technology, many homes are being built with improved materials that maximize efficiency and increase value. The Internet of Things has made a large appearance in homes today, increasing the use of smart devices in homes. The sustainable use of green materials and use of modular structures have impacted the construction of the residential industry, as well. With new construction, you can maximize your home’s value by adding these features! 

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to keep our clients as our top priority and deliver an unparalleled client experience. We aspire to continuously grow and improve in all that we do. We are grateful to serve our clients in reaching their real estate goals! Contact us today!

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