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Now there is a better way to find and rent a home that fits your needs. You rent your dream rental. We help you find it.

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There are 20x more homes for sale than for rent. We open up the entire market of available homes to you.

Location is everything.

With HomeNow, move into the neighborhood that is located where you want to be and fits your lifestyle.

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Rent a home for one year or up to five. The terms are flexible. Love the home? Great! You can buy it at any time.

Now, you can turn for sale into for rent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to rent a home, how do I qualify for the HomeNow program?

A. Prospective residents must have an annual household income of at least $50k, provide proof of stable employment and go through an application and approval process.

Q. What kind of rental homes are available to move into?

A. Single-family homes or townhomes located in approved communities, priced between $100k and $450K, with a minimum of two bedrooms and situated on lots of three acres or less, are available for rent. These homes must be in communities without rental restrictions. *Price range varies by market. **Other factors may apply.

Q. How do I find a qualified house for rent?

A. Prospective residents of the HomeNow program will work with a Mark Spain Real Estate Agent to find a home in an approved community that fits their rental home budget.

Q.  Do I have to buy the home?

A. No, you have complete flexibility and control. You can renew your lease for up to five years with the right to purchase at any time if you’d like. Alternatively, when your lease term ends, you can simply walk away.

Q. Where can I learn more information?

Please visit our blog on programs we offer at Mark Spain Real Estate and how to rent a home.

*subject to terms and conditions*

Rent any home available on the market. You pick it. We get you in.

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