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There are 20x more homes for sale than for rent. We open up the entire market of available homes to you.

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With HomeNow, move into the neighborhood that is located where you want to be and fits your lifestyle.

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Rent for one year or up to five. The terms are flexible. Love the home? Great! You can buy it at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to rent a home, how do I qualify for the HomeNow program?

A. Prospective residents must have an annual household income of at least $50k, provide proof of stable employment and go through an application and approval process.

Q. What kind of rental homes are available to move into?

A. Single-family homes or townhomes located in approved communities priced between $100k – $450K. The homes must have a minimum of two bedrooms and sit on a lot of three acres or less. Home must be in a community without rental restrictions. *price range varies by market. **other factors may apply.

Q. How do I find a qualified house for rent?

A. Prospective residents of the HomeNow program will work with a Mark Spain Real Estate Agent to find a home in an approved community that fits their rental home budget.

Q.  Do I have to buy the home?

A. No, you have complete flexibility and control. You have the ability to renew your lease for up to five years with the right to purchase at any time, if you’d like. Or, when your lease term ends, simply walk away.

Q. Who is the HomeNow program for?

A. Our HomeNow program can be a fit for many types of situations. Perhaps you have found yourself in a season of transition and you need a quality home in the right neighborhood. Maybe you need time to save for your down payment or improve your credit. Maybe you’re not ready to make that long-term commitment just yet. This rental home program is perfect for those who want freedom and choice over where they live and the terms.

Q. Is there a required deposit or any initial fee?

A. Generally, there is a required deposit equal to two months’ rent. If you decide to purchase the home, the full deposit is returned to you. An initial one-time application fee of $75 must be paid online at the start of the application process.

Q. What if something breaks in my rental home?

A. Repairs are handled just as in any other rental situation. Any necessary repairs are made by HomePartners after you move in.

Q. Are pets allowed in my rental home?

A. HomePartners allows up to three pets (dogs or cats) with a max total weight of 180 pounds. A fee of $300 per pet is required in most states. This fee is due with the required deposit and it is refundable in the event that you decide to purchase the home.

*subject to terms and conditions*

Rent any home available on the market. You pick it. We get you in.

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