Our Listing Agents Tell All

Our Listing Agents Tell All

Our Listing Agents Tell All

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Who doesn’t want the inside scoop from some of the company’s top agents? We sat down with Julie Bell, Sean Davidson, and Mindy Farris to get that inside scoop! These three agents shared their insights on how working at Mark Spain Real Estate has impacted their careers. Julie Bell, an Exclusive Listing Agent for our Raleigh team, just finished her first year with Mark Spain Real Estate. Sean and Mindy are tenured Exclusive Listing Agents from our Alpharetta and Marietta offices. We are so fortunate to have them on the team and hope you enjoy hearing their stories.


How do you think Mark Spain Real Estate equips you to serve your clients as an agent?

“The company has completely changed my life. I was with a ‘traditional’ broker and I had zero success in six months. I wanted to quit real estate and go back to my old career. Thankfully, I connected with Mark Spain Real Estate and was selected to join the team. The company prepared me for this position through exceptional training and coaching.

I am working with leadership who is eager and willing to help me. Additionally, our client concierges and Client Acquisition team offer me invaluable support. Their support allows me to focus on the client experience and get my client’s home sold! It is a true joy and exhilarating challenge to work here.” – Julie Bell

“Mark Spain Real Estate allow us to serve our clients at the highest level by having specialized teams. We receive massive support from our Directors, Lead Coordinators, Client Concierges, and business partners like Weissman Law and Shelter Home Mortgage. These systems afford our agents the best resources in the business so we may help offer solutions for our clients and keep the transaction as seamless as possible. In addition, all of our agents are full time and well-vetted through our recruitment process. We have the best in the business working here! Our desire for excellence and servant-spirit pours out on our clients in a big way!” – Mindy Farris 

What sets Mark Spain Real Estate apart?

“Without question, I believe our greatest strengths are our Client Acquisition team and full-service options. We are experts in all areas of home sales, and that gives our clients confidence that we can sell their home and help them purchase a new one. Because of our massive exposure, people often call seeking quick answers and our amazing client acquisition team responds rapidly! This allows us to capture buyer and seller interest in real-time. It’s unrivaled!” – Mindy Farris 

“Our company is well-oiled machine because we have specialized roles that allow us to serve the client at a high level. Our Client Acquisition team works diligently to answer every call—we don’t miss opportunities. We have a well-trained administration team, a world-class marketing team, and partners that ensure smooth transactions for our clients. We are specialized so full attention and focus are given to every client!” – Sean Davidson

“I’ve achieved massive success not only by working at Mark Spain Real Estate, but by embracing the company values. Everyone here lives by them. I’m so grateful to work at a company that truly embodies values that help you in your professional and personal life.” – Julie Bell

Mark Spain Real Estate agents tell all about what it is like to work at the company

Why do you enjoy working at Mark Spain?

“To me, it’s clearly the people. Mark Spain Real Estate leadership cares about us and works incredibly hard to make sure that we have what we need to be successful. My team is always a phone call away to provide advice and help when I need it.

Additionally, my clients are another reason why I love working at Mark Spain Real Estate. I have many clients that I have become good friends with and who will be my clients for life. To me, those relationships are key to my happiness. It’s much easier to be crazy busy for people that you want to work for rather than for people that you have to work for.” – Julie Bell

“Mark Spain Real Estate has changed my life! I serve great families, work alongside great people and enjoy intentional mentorship and coaching from experienced leaders. Every year I try to do better than the year before, and I have a sea of people I look up to and admire who will work with me to make it happen!” – Mindy Farris

“It’s the people! We have the best people in the business between these walls and I am so proud to call them my friends!” – Sean Davidson

Do you believe working here provides you with a competitive advantage?

“The training process at Mark Spain Real Estate is top-notch and provides us with a competitive advantage. Our training team is so in-touch with what we as agents need to do our job effectively. Our Client Acquisition team is an integral part of Mark Spain Real Estate. Their responsiveness and availability ensures that the client experience starts and ends seamlessly.” – Julie Bell

“Yes! The training never stops. Mark Spain Real Estate has the best on-boarding program, team training every morning, tenured agents around the office and Directors who genuinely care about us and want us to succeed. If you work hard, you will find success.” – Sean Davidson

“Absolutely! I think our greatest competitive advantage is that we are truly a full-service brokerage! We aren’t a bait and switch, or a one-trick pony. Mark Spain Real Estate can actually deliver with multiple solutions to getting homes sold! We take the time to educate our clients, present great options and then give families the opportunity to choose which option works best for them!” – Mindy Farris

What do you love about the culture here?

“We do a great job of selecting top talent. We have very driven and positive people that care a lot about this company and others in it. There is a healthy amount of accountability and knowing that the people around you support you and want you to succeed is huge.” – Sean Davidson 

“When you work with a team of people who are all striving to be their best, it pushes you to work harder and be better! Even though we all have different goals, we work together to solve problems, listen and encourage in the hard times, celebrate the big wins, and laugh as often as we can. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a great work family!” – Mindy Farris

“I love the laughter that we share daily at the office. I love that we are respected, and I love that everyone wants to help each other. Most importantly, I love that we are expected to take care of our clients. We don’t just put their home on the MLS and wait for showings. We truly get involved in our clients’ lives and I have formed so many wonderful relationships with my clients. It’s why I do what I do at Mark Spain Real Estate.” – Julie Bell

Working at Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, not only do we strive to deliver an unparalleled client experience, but we also promote a fun and supportive culture. This kind of company culture is an integral part of who we are as a team. Our in-depth training is unmatched and prepares everyone with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed. Our leadership team is personally invested and available to help our agents succeed!

Mark Spain Real Estate fosters a community that empowers everyone to learn, grow and reach greater heights not previously imagined. Each department also works closely to deliver the best client experience possible, while always providing constant support to each agent. Our core values are implemented in a way that is beneficial to our agents’ lives both professionally and personally. 

Thank you to our agents for their wonderful insights on what it is like working at Mark Spain Real Estate! We are proud of their hard work, drive, and determination and we are so fortunate to have the best in the business on our team.

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